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McAuliffe statement on planned protest in Richmond tomorrow

Governor Terry McAuliffe released the following statement today regarding the planned protest tomorrow in Richmond.

terry mcauliffe“Virginia public safety officials have been in constant contact with City of Richmond officials as we prepare for the planned protest in the city tomorrow. Several Virginia agencies, including the Virginia State Police and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management will be providing resources to the City of Richmond and coordinating with their counterparts in city government throughout the day as we all monitor this event. As city officials have said, everyone has a right to express their views in public, but anyone who violates the law or endangers the safety of others will be arrested and charged.

“I urge Virginians who have no reason to be in the vicinity of these protests to steer clear of the parts of Monument Avenue where it will be held so that law enforcement can perform the task of keeping people safe. Many people, including myself, strongly oppose the underlying ideology of tomorrow’s demonstration and the best way to express that opposition is to avoid giving these hateful groups more attention than they deserve.”