McAuliffe discusses importance of averting government shutdown

terry mcauliffe2Today Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe visited Morphix Technologies in Virginia Beach to discuss the importance of averting a government shutdown for Virginia’s communities and economy.

Morphix Technologies manufactures colorimetric chemical detection products used by the military, law enforcement officials, emergency response, and private industry personnel. While touring Morphix’s lab facilities, McAuliffe was told that the company had to lay off half of its chemists because of the effects of sequestration. With Virginia being the number one recipient of federal dollars and home to one of the largest military bases on the East Coast, McAuliffe stressed that a government shutdown or another round of sequestration could stifle Virginia’s economic growth and hurt its communities.

“These political ploys—government shutdowns and sequestration–are having real world impacts on our economy and our communities,” said McAuliffe. “If businesses like Morphix Technologies can’t be certain that our government will have consistency in their contracts and purchase orders, how can they continue to grow their businesses, hire more workers, and keep Virginia’s economy growing?”

Earlier this week, McAuliffe sent a letter to the Virginia congressional delegation urging them to avert a government shutdown because of the significant impact it would have on Virginia’s economic growth and military servicemen and women’s ability to protect the nation. McAuliffe’s opponent Ken Cuccinelli has refused to condemn Tea Party Republicans threatening to use government shutdown as a bargaining chip over defunding the healthcare law, including Senator Ted Cruz, who plans to campaign for Cuccinelli here in Virginia next week.

“Virginia jobs are on the line,” said McAuliffe. “And Ken Cuccinelli is silent.”

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