McAuliffe announces $5.7 million in homeland security grant awards

virginiaGovernor Terry McAuliffe announced Monday that $5.7 million in federal funds will be awarded for 99 projects to enhance emergency preparedness and security throughout the Commonwealth.

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) will administer the funds to support the ability of local governments to sustain a wide array of emergency preparedness and security operations, equipment replacement, training, planning and exercise programs.

“Whether it was the Pentagon on 9/11, Hurricane Isabel in 2003, and Snowmageddon in 2010, our first responders and local law enforcement agencies have been essential in protecting Virginians each and every time they are called on,” said Governor McAuliffe. “These grants will provide vital support to communities across the Commonwealth, and I am confident that they will go a long way toward building a stronger and more resilient Virginia.”

Governor McAuliffe’s public safety and homeland security team initiated a stakeholder-driven process to determine how the grants would be allocated this year.

“An inclusive grant process, where all stakeholders are involved, is the key to understanding the security needs of a community,” said Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security, Brian Moran. “We will continue to build upon the foundation we have laid with these grants in our efforts to keep the citizens of our Commonwealth safe and secure.”

Old Dominion University assisted with scoring the graded proposals, based on a benefit-cost ratio, as requested by the public safety stakeholders.

VDEM received 143 grant requests totaling more than $16 million. Only $2.6 million was available to allocate to localities from this year’s State Homeland Security Program (SHSP). Additionally, more than $555,000 was re-programmed from the National Capital Region Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) and Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness grant programs to fund 7 projects.

“Federal grants for emergency management and homeland security to Virginia have been cut nearly 70 percent since 2008, requiring us to be more strategic in how money is allocated in order to sustain the basic response capability that has been built up since 9/11,” said Dr. Jeff Stern, Virginia’s state coordinator for emergency management. “We asked our public safety partners from around the state to determine the priorities for this year’s grant process, and nearly 150 local leaders from emergency management, law enforcement, fire and rescue, and EMS participated as peer-reviewers to grade and rank projects.”


The grants have been awarded as follows:

Sixty-six projects valued at $2.6 million will receive funding from the SHSP based on competitive assessment by peer reviewers.

LocalityProject NameCost
Accomack CountyInoperable Communications for shelter operations$10,600
Accomack CountyAccessibility vehicle for Tangier$20,000
Accomack CountyWhole Community Outreach and Preparedness$24,000
Albemarle CountySafe-At-Home$10,000
Buckingham CountyBremo Radio Communication Site$46,518
Buckingham CountyMicrowave Link replacement for Public Safety$38,139
Chesapeake CityMobile High Capacity Emergency Water Supply Equipment$25,100
Chesapeake CityTechnical Rescue Airbag Replacement$48,150
Chesterfield CountyWhole Community Preparedness Outreach and Response Training$14,000
Chesterfield CountyRadiation Isotope Identification Detector$20,000
Chesterfield CountyCentral Virginia Whole Community Outreach, Education, and Preparedness$80,000
Chesterfield CountyRail Hazard and Flammable Liquid Response Equipment$91,000
City of HamptonRegional Citizen Corps project – Hampton and Poquoson$42,000
City of LexingtonR.I.O.S._COMLINK Implementation Project$41,510
City of Newport NewsMulti-Agency eLearning – Community Preparedness Enhancement$39,788
City of Newport NewsExplosive Device-Active Threat-Mass Casualty Training$56,208
City of RichmondCity of Richmond Rail Camera Project$30,000
City of RichmondShelter Enhancement Regional Shelter Training$57,775
Colonial Heights CityCommunity Emergency Response Team (CERT) Support$12,250
Craig CountyRoanoke Valley CERT Program$18,000
Craig CountyBackup Emergency Power for Shelter – connect backup Generator to our Red Cross Shelter$58,220
Fredericksburg CityMobile Dispatch Consoles$68,473
Fredericksburg CityMobile Surveillance Trailer Acquisition and Deployment$76,614
Hampton Roads Planning District CommissionMCI and MASS CARE capability sustainment$59,500
Hampton Roads Planning District CommissionCBRNE Pharmaceutical Stockpile – Nerve Agent Antidote and Antibiotics$80,565
Hampton Roads Planning District CommissionHampton Roads Regional Interoperable Communication Plan$45,200
Hampton Roads Planning District CommissionHampton Roads Overlay Regional Interoperability Network (ORION)$85,000
Hampton Roads Planning District CommissionHampton Roads Inclusive Emergency Planner$80,000
Hampton Roads Planning District CommissionHampton Roads Tactical Regional Area Network (HRTacRAN)$85,000
Hanover CountyActive Shooter Community Exercise$16,815
Hanover CountyShelter Enhancement Shelter Supplies and Equipment$66,150
Henrico County2016-2017 Shelter Support$11,000
Henrico CountyIFLOWS Project$15,000
Henrico CountyCommunity Outreach and Preparedness Efforts$15,000
Henrico CountyStructural Collapse Training & Victim Access Equipment$25,000
Henrico CountyUnmanned Aerial Systems Development Project$58,764
Hopewell CityRescue Task Force Ballistic Protection$16,200
Hopewell CityFirefighting Foam Operations Support$34,000
James City CountyCommunity Preparedness$18,420
Lynchburg CityChemical Protective Ensembles and Equipment$27,700
Lynchburg CityVA16-SHSP-0055 Crisis Response Throw Phone System$35,000
Mathews CountyEmergency Shelter Safety Improvements$30,000
Middle Peninsula Planning District CommissionMSAT Satellite Telephones for Regional Deployment$58,409
Middle Peninsula Planning District CommissionRegional Emergency Planner$95,000
Newport News CityRecovery Capabilities Enhancement$19,957
Newport News CityShelter Capabilities Enhancement$23,043
Newport News CityCommunity Preparedness$27,400
Page CountyMulti-Band Interoperable Trunked Radio Needs Assessment$75,000
Page CountyRegional CERT-Page County and Warren County$11,500
Poquoson CityTactical EMS Training$27,070
Portsmouth CitySocial Media Monitoring and Intelligence Collection (Scrubbing) Solution$45,000
Prince George CountyCommunity Emergency Response Team (CERT) Support$12,250
Prince George CountyRescue Task Force Ballistic Protection$16,200
Prince George CountyPGFEMS  Jurisdictional  Interoperability Improvement$39,700
Richmond CityWhole Community Preparedness Outreach and Education$15,000
Richmond Regional Planning District CommissionCentral Virginia Regional THIRA and Homeland Security Strategy Update$37,000
Roanoke CountyCommunity Shelter Generator$50,000
Shenandoah CountyRegional Multi-band Interoperable Radio System Needs Assessment Project$75,000
Smyth CountyProtection for SERT Team$39,036
Suffolk CitySuffolk Police Surveillance Camera Upgrade, Cellular Phones and Scopes$19,270
Tazewell CountySouthwest Region IV Incident Support Trailer$65,000
Virginia Beach CityCommunity Emergency Response Team Program Enhancements and Support$10,000
Westmoreland CountyComplete the Implementation of Mobile Data Terminals for the Patrol Division$14,695
Westmoreland CountyComplete the Implementation of Mobile Data Terminals for the Fire Apparatus$14,695
Wise CountyEquipment purchases to help sustain the Wise County Sheriff’s Office Tactical Team.$53,850
York CountyCommunity Preparedness$23,500

Additionally, more than $555,000 was re-programmed from the National Capital Region Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) and Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness grant programs to fund 7 projects.

LocalityProject NameCost
Arlington CountyBomb Squad Operational Capability Upgrade$64,000
Fairfax CountyIncident management teams$150,000
Fairfax CountyTechnical rescue team equipment$50,000
Fairfax CountyStatewide strategic reserve – radio cache$150,000
Lynchburg CityCommodity Flow Study$42,150
Manassas, City ofCommunity Emergency Response Team (CERT) Citizen Corps Program$18,500
Middle Peninsula Planning DistrictRegional EOP Gap Analysis$82,851

As requested by the public safety stakeholders, an additional $2.6 million has been allocated in non-competitive grants from the SHSP to fund 26 projects sustaining 12 hazardous materials teams, six technical rescue teams, three incident management teams, four Virginia radio communications caches and the Virginia Fusion Center.

LocalityProject NameCost
Accomack CountyState hazardous materials team

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