How to maximize the value of your property

home repairsIf you’re planning on selling your property this year, one thing you’ll want to do is ensure you’re getting the best possible price.

Thanks to the internet, you’ll find plenty of ways to maximize the value of your home. Not only can it provide you with awesome money-adding tips, but it also gives you the opportunity to sell via an online estate agent, saving you potentially thousands of pounds. Here, you’ll discover some of the best ways to maximise the value of your property before listing it for sale.

Ensure you fix structural issues

It may be tempting to cover up pretty large structural damage with cheap cosmetic fixes, but the truth is this is highly unlikely to go unnoticed by the person carrying out the valuation. Whether it’s a leaking roof, cracks in the walls or rising damp – you should always repair structural damage before selling.

It may seem like a lot of money to have to spend, but doing so ensures you get the best possible price for the property. After all, large structural damage can knock off thousands of pounds from the valuation, more than it could potentially cost you to fix the issue.

Consider using online estate agents 

It’s not just changes you can make to the home which can add value onto it. Choosing an online estate agent such as, could also increase how much you receive from the sale.

This is because, unlike offline estate agents, they don’t charge a percentage fee. Instead, they offer a fixed fee which is often less than £500. When you compare this to the average £4,500 fee on a £300,000 house sold by traditional estate agents, you soon realise just how much you could save (and gain) through selling online.

Don’t forget about kerb appeal  

While upgrading the inside of the home will certainly add to its value, don’t forget the importance of kerb appeal too. All too often, buyers neglect the outside of the property, forgetting it’s the first thing that buyers see when they go for a viewing. So, take the time to upgrade and update the outside of the property to make it look appealing.

This is just some of the best advice you can follow to ensure you get a good price for your property. Fixing structural issues, focusing on kerb appeal and choosing an online estate agent could all help to add thousands of pounds onto your valuation.


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