Maui vacation rentals: Top tips to avoid a scam

vacationIf you’re looking for Maui condos, one of your top priorities must be to avoid getting scammed. You may have heard horror stories about people who pay a lot of money for vacation rentals in Hawaii, then lose money or otherwise suffer for it. These are some easy tips to help maximize your chance of finding a Maui rental safely and efficiently. If you are using a reputable company like Knowles Maui – Vacation Rentals, you will not have to worry about the tips below.

Remember That Pictures are Important

When browsing through rental listings, it’s ideal to click on ones that have pictures. The more pictures, the better. Of course, pictures may be faked, but a couple pictures are better than nothing when it comes to at least having an idea of what you’re getting into. In the event of a dispute, having pictures of what was promised will also come in handy.

The More Reviews, the Better

Keep an eye out for listings that have many promising reviews. If you look at a rental that’s had a wide variety of visitors, you’ll get a better idea of what the rental is like. A larger number of reviews also indicates that real travelers have just stayed there, not just friends or family of the renter.

Verify Ownership Before You Send Money

The owner of your vacation rental should give you their mailing address so you can send a deposit. Before sending money, however, check to make sure the person really lives at this address. You can do this by checking Maui County’s property tax records and searching the owner’s name.

You should also verify that the unit number or address of the rental is actually what you are being promised. The owner may have several Maui condos for rent, and you’ll need to find the right unit. It may be a lot of work, but it brings peace of mind when you know you’re dealing with the legitimate owner.

Have the Right Insurance

As you’re renting in Maui, what happens if the property you booked is suddenly foreclosed, or the owner goes bankrupt before your trip? What if the owner accidentally double books? What do you do if your security deposit is wrongfully withheld, or the rental was misrepresented and you don’t get what you thought you would? Luckily, some companies offer insurance that will protect you against these events. It typically is not expensive and is another thing that will give you peace of mind.

Get Everything in Writing

When booking vacation rentals, you should absolutely get everything in writing. Save all of your email correspondence with the owner of the rental, and keep all your receipts or confirmation pages of your booking. This way, you’ll have proof as to what was agreed to. If you speak with the owner over the phone, send them an email outlining the points that were discussed, and ask them to confirm via email so you both have it in writing.

Booking a vacation rental in Maui can be stressful, but following the tips that are outlined above will help bring you peace of mind. This way, you can ensure your booking goes smoothly and that you are protected.


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