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Masters plan for November is ready for Augusta National

Photo Credit: Kevin Carden

Augusta is the place where silence isn’t the other name for inaction. As the map of Covid-19 is sloping upwards in the US, the supporting calendar is changed accordingly. But, it would be a mistake to assume that the fans would believe that the Masters will be unaffected.

There is a possibility that the event will take place by considering all the precautions, like wearing masks and sanitizing yourself after intervals. For the ones who have been wearing a mask or bandana, the enjoyment will be at the same level. You can start practicing from a secondary level, try wearing lightweight and airy bandanas you can even customize your bandana with your own logo 4inbandana offers such products.

The Augusta National chairman, in his last bulletin, sought to put more emphasis on the future plans to be incumbent upon the directions and favorable counsel from health officials. As things stand, there is supposed to be a reschedule of the start date of 12 November, but Augusta still expects this date to stand.

However, there is a detailed discussion on the point that whether spectators would be allowed to be inside the most fable venues or not. Just imagine winning the Willy Wonka’s golden ticket, and later you came to know that you are not allowed to attend the event.

There is a strange thing that the Masters has become a second priority of the spectators, and all the attention has moved towards the PGA Championship. The US Open is more likely to help in the suburb areas of New York, the city too much familiar with coronavirus. It has kept the tournament well in the spotlight, and a raging debate also surrounded the Ryder Cup prior to the shifting to the next year.

The Masters has widely been assumed as a competition to be taken place on the other side of the crisis. It is quite fair to acknowledge Augusta’s donation of $2m for the relief of coronavirus. To put some light on the fact that the huge corporate span of the membership of the club and the decision-maker depicts that there will be a danger of experiencing the out of touch behavior. You will be allowed to step only a few yards inside the Augusta National to acknowledge how much the tournament is taken seriously. It is quite hard to take measurable preventive steps in order to take the best care of everything.

When Billy Payne mourned a tree’s loss in the storm of 2014, it was quite clear that a transparent perspective may not always be in huge supply at Augusta. Last Thursday, approximately 1,400+ healthcare workers signed a petition in Georgia asking the governor to impose a more restrictions amid Covid-19. It is critical that new cases had elevated by 50% in a week. Thus, the letter asked that covering the face is mandatory.

However, if the situation continued to be more complex, then we also have the prospect that there will be two Masters in the next six months because Augusta leaps to the 2020’s revised version to the typical staging in 2021’s early period. Augusta could invest some advanced technologies to check the temperature and pulses of the spectators.

The world’s best players must have been lining up in the next weekend at Royal St George’s. Given the spread of Covid-19, the R&A has made the right choice in postponing for 12 months. The Claret Jug would be awarded to the winners of this diminished event in an absolute best scenario, even prior to the pressure on public services is scrutinized.

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