Marleen Mour: Emotional coaching and helping women love themselves

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When it comes to self love, Marleen Mour is an expert in helping women. Even though there are many coaches out there with the same motive, Marleen stands out completely with the work that she does. The emotional coaching is known to have broken away from all barriers and traditions set out in her culture and has proved to fight what is considered the normality of her social upbringings.

Here we take you on a journey on who Marleen Mour is and the brilliance of her success in her career as an emotional coach.

The backstory

Marleen Mour didn’t typically get inspired by other fitness models or instructors who focused on their wellbeing of mental health through fitness. Instead, she was inspired by her own story; which starts with her being chased by her family through an airport in Cairo. Marleen was only 19 years old when she ran away from the traditions that would repress her as a woman and an individual with rights. One of the traditions was an unwanted engagement that Marleen had no interest in and was too young for.

Instead, she fled to Australia with the motive to have her freedom and self embark on a journey of her own. She also lost a ton of weight (42kg), which inspired her to self love. Soon after she settled in, she decided to found the company FittHeroes and platform Marleen Mour Coaching, which are are fitness and health focused with the aim to help both women and men achieve their inner and outer goals of self love.

What is her emotional coaching all about?

Marleen solely focuses on topics that need to be discussed with an open mind, instead of being judged by the rules of society. She helps men and women embark on an emotional and physical journey that would allow them to understand and appreciate body positivity and the self love that helps raise their self esteem.

She specializes in emotional coaching with exercise and nutrition for her clients, plus she carries out public speeches on the subject of infidelity. The aim of these public speeches is to help those who have cheated understand why they did it and how to move on from it.

Her views on loving yourself

Marleen believes that self-love and self-care are a foundation for creating true equality, compassion and non-judgement in this world. She believes that many of us are unaware of our self-loathing habits that have been instilled by bullies at school or people who were meant to love and protect you, but had hurt you instead. She strongly believes that learning to be kind, loving and compassionate with ourselves through actions and positive self-talk takes time.

However, it’s essential for us to learn the kind of self-love that breeds a happy healthy life and an ability to love, forgive and accept others without judgement. Marleen believes that it is the key to equality and peace between genders, races and couples.

How she has helped others

Marleen has a record of helping thousands of people embark on their journeys to a better attitude towards mental and physical health. The successful founder of Fittheroes lost 42kg herself and has helped other women transform their bodies through the Marleen Mour coaching platform. She’s also a 3x Gold Medalist National Bikini Model with ICN.

The platform allows others to open up and discuss about topics that are considered a taboo; such as unsatisfying sex, infidelity, communication in relationships, the missing psychological link to long lasting weight loss and self-love. Due to her ongoing success through the platform and helping people change their lives for the better, Marleen has also released two books called Cheating: How to Do it Right and The Allure of Infidelity- Understanding Why We Cheat & What We Seek from Our Affairs.

Marleen offers courses online that can start from as little as $4 a month and can include customized workout plans, personalised 7 day meal plans, shopping lists and recipes, plus a free exclusive members only app, 24/7 email support and a members only private group on Facebook. There are also results on her platform from previous clients, proving success after signing up with her.

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Story by Virginia Sagal

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