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Market adds festive touch to weekly shopping

Story by Theresa Curry

New at the Waynesboro Farmers Market this week: music provided by Roger Merchant, activities for children and a new vendor, Roller’s Bakery, selling whole-grain breads, cookies, giant sticky buns and chocolate cake.

Vendors from last week said sales were increasing, and a steady crowd moved between tables in the Waynesboro Pavilion, picking up honey, vegetable plants, spring produce, and fresh eggs. Gary and Tammy Cash, the owners of “Still Pork’n,” said the sales at the market made it worthwhile for them to haul their mobile barbecue joint across town on Wednesdays. Gary buys 30 pork shoulders every week for Pork’n, cooks them slowly over charcoal for his smoky barbecue, chops them and adds his tangy sauce.

Why should we support these vendors? Because we know who they are, and we know their food is fresh, gathered or prepared by human hands. The money goes back to the community, to be recycled to improve famland or bakery ovens, or to go in the collection baskets of local churches, or to support the Boys and Girls Club rather than to further enrich a group of Arkansas millionaires.

Be sure to visit the market every Wednesday from 3 to 7 p.m. Next week: asparagus from Heartland Harvest and shiitake mushrooms from Hungry Hill will give early shoppers some of the best-loved Virginia spring delicacies money can buy.

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