Mark Warner: Fix our bridges, roads and other infrastructure

We need to start investing in America. Our economic competitors across the globe – places like China, Japan, and Germany — are reaping the benefits from recent investments in bridges and other projects.

mark-warnerMeanwhile, our economy is getting dragged down by an infrastructure network that hasn’t been taken care of in too long. For example, it makes no economic sense that we lose $80 billion annually to energy blackouts caused by an outdated grid infrastructure.

Democrats and Republicans must work together to find responsible ways to fix our serious infrastructure problems. I’m proud to be lead sponsor on a new bipartisan bill called the BRIDGE Act that will help states and localities do just that.

Do you think it’s time to do something about America’s ailing bridges, transportation networks, wastewater systems, and energy infrastructure?

Then add your name as a citizen co-sponsor of the BRIDGE Act.

This legislation isn’t only about taking care of what we already have, it’s about keeping American businesses competitive and bringing more jobs back home.

It’s also about investing in our ports, strengthening the smart grid, and expanding access to broadband. We know this will create jobs right now – improve our economy right now – and strengthen American competitiveness right now. It also lays the groundwork for growth for decades to come. We know this. We’ve done it before. It’s how America became an economic superpower.

It only makes sense that we start investing in our infrastructure now. The longer we wait, the higher the costs will be, and our infrastructure will have fallen even further behind our competitors.

Add your name: be a citizen co-sponsor and tell Congress to pass this common sense legislation now.

With important budget negotiations approaching next month, it is crucial that we direct resources to where they can make the biggest impact.


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