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Marioli Sterling discusses explaining social workers to children

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Today, many children are experiencing serious social and emotional problems. Some children are victims of trauma and abuse, while others are dealing with problems in school or mental health issues. Social workers like Marioli Sterling are available to help children deal with these issues and make their lives easier.

It can be difficult to know when your child needs a social worker. As with many problems regarding children, many parents are in denial that these services are needed. Understanding the reasons why children need social workers and how these professionals can help is important.

What does a social worker do?

Social workers are professionals who provide support and assistance to people in need. They work with clients of all ages. Youth social workers need to have a special interest in working with children and adolescents. In order to work with children, either a bachelor’s or master’s degree is required depending on the job description.

Types of social worker that interact with children

The following are several different kinds of social worker that help children with behavioral and family issues:

Child therapists

Clinical social workers providing psychotherapy to children work in mental health clinics and community service agencies. They may also work in private practice. Child therapists help children get through emotional, social, and psychological problems. These include anger, depression, and anxiety. They can also work with families to address these issues, improving the well-being of their clients.

School social workers

These social workers practice in public or private schools. They work together in teams with teachers, guidance counselors, and psychologists. School social workers help to remove the barriers that many children experience when it comes to learning. They can provide counseling, assessments, family referrals, and consultation for future treatment.

Child welfare social workers

The job of the child welfare social worker is to help neglected or abused children and their families. They visit homes to assess children’s safety and determine whether children should be removed from their homes and placed in foster care. They help children match with foster homes and determine when they can be returned to their families of origin.

Child welfare social workers counsel and advocate for their clients. They also provide referrals and assessments for further care.

Hospital social workers

Children receive social work services when they are hospitalized. Often, children need a great deal of help to adjust to a hospital setting. Hospital social workers may be able to counsel families, advocate for families who need assistance in receiving benefits, and educate children and families about diseases and injuries. They also offer help with grief, bereavement, and other crisis intervention.

When does my child need a social worker?

If your child is experiencing any type of social or emotional issue that is affecting their daily lives or their schoolwork, a social worker may be necessary. Social workers can use a broad range of skills to get to the bottom of a child’s problem and offer assistance in overcoming it.

Children who are experiencing family problems like the death of a parent or family member, divorce, or separation from a parent often need social work services. Having a neutral and compassionate person involved may make life easier for a child who is going through these difficulties. Both parents should be involved in this process, though it is frequently only the custodial parent who takes part.

Social workers can assist children with disabilities like ADHD, autism, and other developmental disorders. They can provide help with navigating the net of social service assistance available in the local area and can provide great resources for parents when it comes to overcoming these problems.

When children are suffering from abuse or neglect, social workers can be an important facet of their recovery. If your family is experiencing these problems, you may be unwilling to accept the help of a social worker, but you can be assured that they will treat your child with compassion.

Deciding to visit a social worker

Above all, parents should know that seeing a social worker should not carry any negative stigma. Many parents believe that they should be able to handle all of a child’s problems themselves, but frequently they must learn to let go of this level of control and accept outside help.

Social workers in all areas of practice have a great deal of training and education. They are prepared to help every child through the difficult milestones that may come at each stage of life. Whether your child has depression or ADHD, or is suffering from social problems, a social worker can be a huge help in learning to live with these conditions.

Trust your social worker

Social workers like Marioli Sterling are equipped to help your child through difficult times in their life. Having a social worker on your side may be the best way to deal with a difficult problem.

Story by Clayton Munter