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Manufacturing 101: How to bring your new product ideas to life

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It can be an exhilarating feeling when you come across a new product idea that you think would benefit someone out there. However, it takes more than just creativity to bring this idea, or any other idea for that matter, into life. So here’s a simple guide on how to help you get started in creating a new product that would surely go to the hands of its intended users. Let’s begin.

1. Develop your product idea

The worst mistake you could ever commit as someone who wants to start manufacturing your very own product is not planning out the entire thing before diving deep into it. Of course, as a general rule, any endeavor that is unplanned or under planned will not really work out.

This is especially true for product development because starting out your product wrong is a big risk that you would not want to take. The best case scenario is, for some reason, you’d get lucky and be able to start manufacturing without any hiccups. But it could go a million other ways in the wrong direction. You could get sued for copyright infringement. No investor would want to get their hands on your product. Or worse, somebody else steals your million dollar idea and develops it even better than you did.

To avoid all that trouble, you should first team up with a reliable and loyal group of people to test out your product, enhance it, and develop it into something even better than you imagine. This process alone could take months or even years to complete, but you will definitely know when you’re doing something right.

2. Look for a target market

You can’t really sell your product if you don’t have an audience in mind who’d be willing to buy it from you. If you haven’t already pinpointed who your target market is, take some time off and do it now, Not only will it help in further improving your product, but it will also steer you in the right direction in terms of marketing and even choosing where to set up your base.

3. Look for funding sources

Now that you’ve probably established who your target market is, your next step would be to get funding. The best part about product development is that funding is now a lot easier than ever before because you have crowdfunding platforms that can easily connect you to a potential customer. In fact, you can even have preorders for your product even if you’re still in the development phase of your product. Such platforms help give you enough insight as to the marketability and demand of your product.

But if you don’t want to go through that process (for God knows why), you could also try to get a business loan or look for investors who might be interested in partnering up with you for your product.

4. Get your permits in order

When you’ve got all the aforementioned considerations checked out, it’s time to deal with the legalities of opening up a business and a manufacturing area for your enterprise. Consult a lawyer or simply visit your local government office to ask what requirements are necessary for you to begin. Get a patent if it’s applicable. But be patient because this might take a while to complete.

5. Find the right tools to manufacture the product

Your figurative baby is about to be born but you need a few more things to get you going. One of which is getting the right tools to create your product itself. This can be anything from perfect heat staking machines by bdtronic that would help in the manufacturing process or custom-built equipment to deal with the size and magnitude of your potential product. It really depends on what your product needs, If it’s clothing, then perhaps quality-grade sewing machines that are perfect to turn durable fabric into lovely but sturdy pieces. If it’s electronics, then a microchip assembly machine might be a lot more sensible to acquire.

6. Hire experienced workers

Lastly, you need to hire the right kinds of people to do what needs to be done. You cannot micromanage everything. So you need to learn how to delegate tasks, from running the machines, all the way to checking your CRMs (if you already have one). Forbes has a list of how to do just that even during the pandemic.

Summing it up

Every startup goes through the birthing pains of product development and launch. You need a big enough support system to go through all that, for better or for worse. Do everything as meticulously as possible and I’m pretty sure that your products would be hitting the shelves in no time.

Story by Bilal Sajjad. Sajjad is a full-time writer who loves to write about home improvement, buying and selling new homes and property.

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