Making money from home during COVID-19

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Although staying safe is the number one priority worldwide, it doesn’t guarantee that the economy will bounce back easily. Many jobs are at stake worldwide, and some professions are hit more than others. Governments across the globe are taking measures to help deal with the loss of revenue and businesses are transforming to continue to work remotely.

Watching the global economy bounce back to normal is going to be a slow process as many countries continue to be under strict measures. Many large sectors of the economy may stay immobilised and lose profits. Being prepared to tackle with this reality can include several ways to progress and make money.

Playing in online casinos

Online casinos are an effective way to spend time while being at home. This list includes online casinos and bonuses for first time visitors. Bonus spins for pokies can offer higher success rates. It is important to choose a casino that is secure and reliable. Winning in online games might depend on luck but with the correct strategy it is possible to spend time and make some profit.


Since this is a global situation that will end sooner or later, investing now is probably going to deliver profits in the future. Investing on heavy industry, online businesses or in the tech sector or real estate are some options  World leaders try their best to help the economy and if they succeed, investment profits will rise as well. Experts in the investment field will be valuable in helping potential investors make the right decisions.

Working in e-commerce

As shops close to prevent the spread of the virus, businesses turn to e-commerce in an attempt to win back the lost profit. Setting up e-commerce platforms and adding products in an e-shop database are essential for starting an online business. Online marketing strategists needed for e-branding will soon antagonize store managers and sales employees.

Setting up an online business

New ideas are needed if more services are going to work from remote locations. Platforms that organise workflow and team management are playing a key role in maintaining a company’s revenue. Many of the services that require a face to face dealings can transform to online contactless services. Being able to sell a service online to the right audience is key to online business success.

Creating fun content

With more and more people staying at home entertainment content is never enough. Big museums across the world choose to digitize events and exhibitions. Videos, podcasts, memes, blogs, gaming streams are enjoyed by more people now. Sharing content in the right platform and creating a stream of viewers can create some profit.

Learning a new skill

Developing a skill is not a straightforward strategy for making money. New skills are a way to help make more money and open new career paths. Since developing skills during the current global situation will be limited to e-learning, it is important to choose a skill that you can devote to and develop mostly by yourself. Being able to learn and evaluate yourself on your own, is probably one of the best things that remote learning offers.

Becoming an expert

Becoming an expert is almost like learning a new skill, but not entirely. It is common for a person to have a skill but they are often not satisfied with their level of expertise. For a baker, learning to bake new kinds of bread or perfecting recipes they know can prove to be very valuable. For an accountant, getting updated on tax law is also as valuable.

Read a book

Reading a book is an unorthodox way of earning money, however, there are many websites that pay readers to write reviews. Websites that pay readers often ask for writing samples and evaluate candidates before sending them offers to review books.

Completing surveys

Sharing your opinion can be of great importance to those conducting a survey for a poll, a product or a service. There are thousands of websites worldwide that ask for people to take surveys. Completing online surveys can earn some profit or coupons and gift cards.

Develop IT skills

Working as a backend IT specialist is essential to maintain all the platforms, websites and security of all the systems that depend on the internet. Sectors like internet security, server maintenance and platform building need staff to run different and complex procedures.

Develop technical skills

Being reluctant to invest and saving money to cope with a possible recession, has a severe impact on the economy. However, in such a situation, repair, renovation and rebuilding can help revitalise the economy and makeup for many of the lost jobs. Developing technical skills can broaden the prospects of individuals and businesses that chose to follow this path.

Become an e-learning expert

Most classes that are being taught have now stopped. Schools, colleges, private classes require that people gather in small spaces. This can pose as a threat to a person’s health. It is important for all ages to continue the learning process and teachers that are educated in e-learning platforms and techniques are ahead of their peers.

Setting the right goals

It is certain that much of everyday life has changed for many people. Setting the right goals means making choices that are calm and reasonable. Thinking beyond the situation we are in and making decisions based on the present or the future leaves us with a handful of choices.

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