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Making life simple: Preparing to downsize

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The minimalist home looks great in pictures and on television shows. When you try to downsize your own home, however, you may find it difficult. Many people keep belongings for many years and never use them, yet it still seems hard to get rid of things. When you become determined to let go of the clutter, you may have more success if you prepare well and go slow. An evaluation of your daily habits can help you determine the items you use the most. You can then make a plan and find positive ways to let things go.

Evaluate your habits

Many people have a fear of getting rid of something they may need. Start tracking your daily habits and make a list of items you use for your routines. In many cases, the list of things you actually use may end up shorter than things you don’t use.

Start a separate list for things you use occasionally, such as a waffle maker on the weekends or holiday decorations. You can then go through each room of the home and make a list of things you have not used in a specific amount of time. Set this time to something you feel comfortable with. For example, you can use 6 months or 1 year.

Make a plan

Make a plan that works with your schedule or comfort level. You may not feel great about completing a sudden purge. For example, you can plan to downsize one room of the house each month or set a date to have the entire house done. Perhaps you would like to only focus on specific items in the beginning, such as outgrown clothes or extra dishes. If you would prefer to take things slowly, place a box in the corner of each room. When you find things you feel ready to get rid of, place them in the box.


Organization must accompany downsizing, as you can still have a cluttered home with less junk. It may sound counterproductive, but you may need to purchase some supplies to get organized. Don’t bring anything into the home that does not serve a purpose, however. You may need items such as baskets or shelves. Things like throw blankets and kid’s toys can end up scattered all around the house. With Walmart promo codes, you can save money on a variety of organizational tools.

Get motivated to let go

Sometimes it’s easier to get rid of your belongings when you have some motivation. You can host a garage sale or list things online. The idea of making a little money might help inspire you to keep cleaning out the clutter. You can also give things away to friends, or donate to a charity. The feeling of doing something helpful may also help motivate you.

If you want to downsize your home, you do not have to get rid of everything at once. For some people, the process takes time. If you have trouble throwing things out, you can start small. Get rid of a few things in each room each week. You can also get excited about organizing with some new shelfs or containers. Finally, do something helpful by donating items to charity or someone you know. Get ready to enjoy a beautifully organized home.

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