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Major benefits of being able to convert HTMLs to PDFs

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With technological advancement comes different document formats. PDF format has gained popularity as it allows you to organize all the resources that you may have. This feature makes it easy to store your files and reference them whenever you need them.

Whether you want to organize your information for a company project or in a research paper, PDF will be the best format as it easily blends with modern technological devices and software.

Benefits of PDF conversions

Whenever you make HTML to PDF conversions, you generate a higher quality document that incorporates most HTML aspects. PDF also has perfect rendering making it easier to read and understand your documents. The type of display in PDF is also best for charts and other presentations, which are crucial in different fields.

You save a lot of time and labor when you convert your documents from HTML to PDF due to the availability of command line calls for batch conversions. Notably, companies with thousands of files needed in a short time would find the conversion beneficial and save some time for the employees.

PDF meets ISO standards and the strict guidelines that ensure that the document is preserved and looks the same even after years. Notably, legal and engineering industries must use and store all their documents in PDF and its variations such as PDF/UA and PDF/A.

The same case applies in the healthcare sector, where healthcare providers are required to observe legal certainty by proving that patient records are accessible and can withstand the test of time.

Unlike the HTML, PDF has some added features, including retention of all the HTML tags, settings for paper margin and size, document rotation and view in single or multiple page formats.

There is also a higher level of security improvement when you convert HTML to PDF. This conversion ensures that your document has password protection, encryption, set security permissions, and supports standard security handler.

After converting your HTML to PDF, you can embed a multitude of additional functionality. You can easily add markups, signatures, and custom stamps, extract text, optimize the document, convert to PDF/A and add bookmarks using PDF tags.

Top tools to convert HTML to PDF

The Weeny converter

It is one of the common HTML to PDF converters as it enables this process for free to all users. Besides, it is an ideal batch converter from both XML and HTML. However, it would be challenging to use the converter for password-protected documents.

The click to convert PDF converter

It is another free converter mainly for windows programs and offers PDF conversion to other formats. However, you will need to purchase a premium to enjoy additional benefits, such as sharing and editing.

There are numerous benefits in converting HTML to PDF to enhance editing, sharing, and printing. Besides, storing PDF files is safer as they preserve formats and are compatible with different programs. Ensure you convert your files to PDF, as keeping them in HTML could soon be costly.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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