lynchburg hillcats release new colors logos

Lynchburg Hillcats release new colors, logos

lynchburg-hillcatsWith the city’s Vice Mayor and the CEO of the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance on hand, the Lynchburg Hillcats unveiled their new logo and colors as part of a launch party at Fifth and Federal Thursday evening. The event also served as the ribbon-cutting for Fifth and Federal, a new bourbon bar opening soon near downtown Lynchburg.

“This celebration signifies an exciting time in Lynchburg baseball history,” said Team President Chris Jones. “With the fans voicing their strong support for the Hillcats name, we have been able to maintain that heritage and fan connection while creating some new traditions and a new identity moving forward. I am extremely pleased with the reactions and feedback we have received initially about the new logo and colors.”

A name-the-team contest started in May for the fans to vote on Lynchburg’s team name. An overwhelming number of fans voted to support the Hillcats name in a month-long contest.

A modernized Hillcat head is the centerpiece of the identity, surrounded by the seven hills of Lynchburg. A new L-shaped paw and leaping Hillcat represent the pristine secondary marks. Seven Hills Green, Blue Ridge Blue and Midnight Blue make up the team’s fresh new colors.

The Hillcats look was brought to life at Brandiose in San Diego, where they make teams famous by celebrating their brand stories. Partners Jason and Casey invented the first glow-in-the-dark on-field cap for the Casper Ghosts and first on-field rally cap for the Altoona Curve. They dreamed up top-selling logos for the El Paso Chihuahuas, Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs and America’s oldest baseball club, the Cincinnati Reds.

“Working with Jason and Casey was an exciting process that used a lot of thought and creativity to bring the Hillcats brand to life,” said Jones. “Jason and Casey visited Lynchburg and dedicated a lot of time and energy to come up with a fan experience dedicated to the Hillcats.”

The development process began last May when Jason and Casey met in Lynchburg with fans, staff and community members to learn about the stories, history, and personality of the region. Brandiose developed the logos, uniforms, mascot, and is dreaming up many parts of the 2017 fan experience.

“Lynchburg is one of the most beautiful places in America to catch a Minor League Baseball game,” said Brandiose Partner Jason Klein. “The Hillcats are held in a special place in the hearts of Lynchburg fans, and we’re honored to continue the tradition of Hillcats baseball for years to come.”

The Hillcats will unveil their new uniforms for the 2017 season at a later date. Merchandise featuring the Hillcats’ new look is available at the ballpark and online at


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