Lynchburg District Traffic Alert: Aug. 14-18

Highway work in the Lynchburg District requiring road/lane/structure closures is scheduled, weather permitting.

road work transportationItems in italics contain new/updated information.

For up-to-date information, call 511 or visit


Amherst County:  

Routes 56, 60, & 151 – Crews will retrace line markings.

Route 29 – Crew performing maintenance and repairing pavement messages.

Route 29 Business – On August 19, South Main St in the Town of Amherst will be closed and traffic detoured for special event.

Route 29 Bus S over NS RR– Bridge deck overlay project with one 16’ lane. Est.comp. 12/15/17.

Route 60 (1102/1112 & 29 Bus) – Construction of sidewalk with curb and gutter. Continuous right shoulder closure eastbound with possible right lane closures. Hours: 7 am to 5 pm.

Route 60 (Rockbridge Co. line to east 2.03 mile) –Expect delays for milling and paving operations. Flaggers and traffic control devices will assist motorists.

Route 130 over Pedlar River- New bridge is open to traffic; relocation of Route 635 connector continues. Lane closures possible.  Est. completion of project: 11/27/17.


Appomattox County:  

Route 24 – Crew will work on sign work orders.

Surface treatment schedule for Appomattox County–Traffic control devices and flaggers will direct traffic. Expect delays.


Buckingham County:  

Route 20 over Muddy Creek –Traffic restricted to one 13’ lane and controlled by signal, signage and message boards. Estimated completion 12/15/17.

Andersonville AHQ – Crew will cut brush.

Various – Crews will mow, work surfaces and respond to customer concerns.


Campbell County:  

Route 460 – Crew performing maintenance and repairing pavement messages.

Route 460 Bridge over Beaver Creek –   Starting July 10, temporary lane closure with take place between 9 am and 3 pm. Starting July 24, one lane of traffic with 14.5 ft width restriction will be in place using temporary traffic control barrier for bridge deck overlay project. Estimated completion – October 7, 2017.

Route 460 W over Buffalo Creek – Bridge deck overlay. One 12’ width lane. Estimated completion 12/15/17.  

Route 501 N&S over 29/460 – Bridge deck overlay. One lane in each direction. 15’ width northbound. Estimated completion 12/15/17.  

Route 601 over Entry Creek (756-645) –Road closed through early August for culvert replacement. Detour via Rt. 756, 600 to 601.

Route 633 (705-703) – Bridge work. One lane traffic with temporary signal.

Route 650 over Molly’s Creek – Traffic restricted to single 10’ lane using concrete barrier, temporary signal and traffic control devices. Completion – 10/27/17.

Route 696 over Troublesome Creek (709-693) – Road closed 7/5 through 9/29/17 for bridge replacement. Detour via 709, 692 and 693 back to 709.

Route 1623 near Rt 622 – Road closed for waterline work.  Alternate route is available. Messages boards will alert motorists.


Charlotte County:   

Route 15 N/S over 15 Bus. – Max. load width of 12’ allowed through bridge repair project. Oversized loads may use Rt. 15 Business. Temporary traffic control in place. Est. comp. 12/15/17.

Route 40 (Phenix AHQ) – Crew will install drop inlet.

Craftons Gate AHQ – Crew will install main and driveway entrance pipes.

Phenix AHQ – Crew will mow.

Various – Crews will boom axe, work surfaces and respond to customer concerns.  In addition, traffic will be controlled with pilot vehicles during surface treatment at various locations.


Cumberland County:  

Various – Crew will work surfaces, mow and respond to customer concerns.


Halifax County:  

Route 501 @ 642 – Turn lane construction project.

Route 604 (734 – 606) – Road closed approx. 3 weeks beginning 8/10 for pipe replacement. Detour via 735 and 606.

Route 626 over NS RR (785-620)  – Bridge painting. Flaggers and traffic control devices will assist motorists during work. Expect delays.

Route 684 (683-663) – Road will be closed for approx. 2 weeks beginning Aug. 1 for pipe replacement. Detour via Routes 683, VA 360, 662 and 684.

Bethel and Cluster Springs AHQs – Crews will work surfaces.

Various–Crews will mow and respond to customer requests.



Greenview Drive– Changes in traffic pattern during project. Completion- Fall 2017.

Route 29/460 (Odd Fellows Rd Int. & Odd Fellows Rd.)– Equipment entering/exiting roadway. Temporary lane closures possible on 460 & Odd Fellows. Est. comp. 8/3/18.  Speed – 45 mph.

Route 460, area of LU campus – LU/English Construction bridge project.


Nelson County:  

Routes 56, 60, & 151 – Crews will retrace line markings.

Route 29 South near Nelson/Albemarle line- Travel lane closed; passing lane narrowed to 11’ for slope repair.

Route 151 & 635, Route 6 & 638 int. – Intersections improvements. Traffic control devices and flaggers will direct traffic. Work zone in operation from 7 am to 7 pm, weather permitting. Expect delays. Estimated completion October 16, 2017.

Route 611 over Perry Creek (636-635) – Road closed to through traffic for bridge replacement. Detour via 626, 638, 6/151 and 635 back to 611. Estimated completion – Oct. 6, 2017.

Route 1001 – Sidewalk construction scheduled.

Various – Cycling event on Sept. 9 may result in delays for motorists. Remember to “Share the Road”.


Pittsylvania County:  

Route 29 Bus N over bypass, south end of Town of Chatham – Temporary ramp closure for approximately 2 weeks during bridge joint work. Detour via Route 57.

Route 605 over Marrowbone Creek – Advance warning signs & portable signals in use. Traffic reduced to one alternating thru lane during joint repairs.

Route 626 @ 40, mainline and driveway pipe (Gretna AHQ) and Rondo AHQ – Crews will work pipe.

Route 637(Gretna AHQ) – Crew will work ditches.

Gretna, Kentuck, and Mt. Airy AHQs – Crews will work surfaces.

Route 695 over Fall Creek – Road closed 7/24-10/27 for bridge replacement. Detour in use.

Route 707 over Coleman Creek (Rt. 718-658) – Road will be closed 7/28/2017 for structure replacement. Detour via routes 718 and 658.

Route 761 (600-639) – Closed for bridge replacement. Detour via 600, 602 and 601. Est. completion 12/4/17.

Brosville and Rondo AHQs – Crews will ditch.

Rondo AHQ – Crew will clean roadsides.

Various –Crews will boom axe, mow and respond to customers. Surface treatment underway at various locations.


Prince Edward County:  

Route 133 – Crew will work on sign work orders.

Route 621 over tributary of Goodwin Lake (629 – 641) –Closed May 30 – mid-August for culvert replacement. Detour via 607 and 360 back to 621.

Route 691, 705 & 784 – Crew will begin preparation for Rural Rustic projects.

Route 695 over Route 460 – Bridge painting may result in delays.

Various – Crew will mow, work surfaces, cut brush, remove debris and respond to customer concerns.


District-wide activities: 

Bridge maintenance – Crews will wash and perform maintenance on bridges.

Curve countermeasures– Crews will re-install/install signage.

Guardrail maintenance – Crews will do guardrail maintenance.

Pavement messaging – Crews will work at various locations.

Pipe rehabilitation – Crews will work on pipes at various locations.

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