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Luria urges aid for poultry growers in COVID-19 relief package

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Virginia Congresswoman Elaine Luria is urging congressional leadership to include assistance for contract poultry growers in future COVID-19 relief legislation.

Large poultry companies often contract with local farmers to grow birds in house before processing them. From March to May, 2.2 million fewer chickens were placed with Virginia growers, causing them to lose on average approximately $15,000.

Contract growers were excluded from the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, and many are ineligible for small business relief programs.

“While the CARES Act was a lifeline for many in the agriculture industry, contract poultry growers were left behind,” Luria said. “Including contract poultry growers in the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program will help them make ends meet during this period of economic uncertainty. We must do more to help this industry.”

Click here to read the letter that Luria wrote to congressional leaders urging assistance for contract poultry growers.

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