Luria commemorates NASA Wallops Flight Facility’s 75th anniversary

Elaine LuriaCongresswoman Elaine Luria issued the following statement to honor and recognize NASA Wallops Flight Facility for the 75th anniversary of their first launch.

“Today, I am honored to commemorate the historic achievement of the 75th anniversary of NASA Wallops Flight Facility’s first launch. The Wallops Flight Facility has been at the forefront of scientific discovery, exploration missions, and our nation’s technological advancements. Its contribution to our scientific and Eastern Shore communities is immeasurable. On June 27, 1945, the original team launched its first test for the radar systems on their small rockets. While the first launch at Wallops consisted of very few resources and technology, this kickstarted the innovation that we have come to know from this NASA facility.  From that launch forward, NASA Wallops continued to grow, and become the center of innovation that it is today.”


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