The lure of the gold: Pro athletes covet WWE title belt

mccoyThe sight of LaSean McCoy being interviewed after Philadelphia’s win over Dallas on Sunday Night Football with a replica of the WWE World Heavyweight Title belt on his shoulder got LeBron James thinking.

King James, not long after, tweeted that he wanted his own WWE belt, not a replica, but “the real ones.”

To which John Cena replied, via Tout, “I’ll handle it.”

McCoy’s belt came courtesy his agent, who gave it to him to commemorate his 2013 NFL rushing title.

Think of Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay All-Pro quarterback, and it’s hard not to think of his signature touchdown celebration, mimicking putting a title belt around his waist, now commercialized in the “discount double-check” spots promoting State Farm. reported today that Vince McMahon personally sent WWE Title belts to Cy Young Award winners Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer after they won their hardware following the 2013 season.

Be it McMahon or Cena, you can bank on James getting his WWE gold sometime soon.


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