Losing weight: Must you do cardio?

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A lot of people have their dream body goals. Most of the time, many people either wish to gain muscle mass or lose bodyweight. Today’s lifestyle is the reason why many people are gaining a lot of weight. When it comes to losing weight, a lot has been said and equally debated. There are a lot of ways that one can lose weight. It is understandable for anyone to look for alternative forms of exercise. When it comes to losing weight, a lot of people have been advised to do cardio. Is cardio essential for losing weight? Here are some of the myths when it comes to losing weight.

Myth: Only Do Cardio

Many people believe that cardio is the only workout that will help them to lose weight. Well, this is a common myth and may not be the absolute truth. Contrary to popular belief, cardio isn’t the only way, and there are other better ways. Though cardio exercises burn body fat, without strength training, you may end up burning fewer calories. Through various forms of strength training, you can increase your metabolism, thus burning more calories. In a nutshell, the more you train to build muscle, the more calories you will end up burning. When working out to lose weight, you should consider doing both cardio and strength training for significant results. Supplements are also used by many people to have lean, muscular bodies, and you can click site to learn more.

Myth: Aerobatics Before Weights

Those that know the benefits of incorporating both aerobatic workouts and weight training may be doing something wrong. If you are doing both workouts on the same day, you should not start with cardio. You need to know that high-intensity cardio uses a lot of energy, and this will affect how you lift your weights after. If you intend to do high-intensity cardio workouts and weight training, you should consider doing them on separate days. This way, your body will have the energy it needs.

Myth: Focusing on a Specific Number of Calories to Burn When Doing Cardio Workouts

It is crucial to refrain from looking at the scale and numbers when exercising to lose weight. Many people make the mistake of focusing on the number of calories they burn when doing cardio exercises. There is no specific amount of cardio that everyone must do. It is essential to note that we are all different when it comes to exercising. You need to do what you are comfortable with. Many factors may determine the number of calories one burns besides working out. Focusing on reaching a specific digit when doing cardio to lose weight may not work for you.


To lose more weight, you need to be ready to add to the intensity of your workouts. You can lose weight in many ways like watching what you consume and building muscles. For more detailed information on how to lose weight, you should consider seeking help from a professional.

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