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Looking back at artists, athletes who’ve endorsed Puma

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Puma footwear has recently put a lot of effort into positioning itself as a young, hip brand for a new generation of sneaker lovers. Its current brand strategy is partnering with the hottest artists and athletes. These celebrity endorsements go beyond the typical ambassadorship and even have influencers helping with product design for womens retro sneakers. Here are some of the most memorable artists and athletes who’ve endorsed Puma.


One of the most influential celebrities to truly partner with Puma was Jay-Z in 2018. Puma announced that Jay-Z would be the creative director of its basketball footwear division. Jay-Z’s influence as a music mogul and rapper gives this brand more clout with potential customers.

Kyle Kuzma

In 2019, Puma added another sports influencer to its basketball footwear team. Kyle Kuzma, a player for the Los Angeles Lakers, signed a five-year deal with the brand to help promote sneakers and athletic apparel. Kuzma is featured at Puma online on the brand’s Hoops Squad. The Hoops Squad consists of other future NBA superstars and their lifestyle of basketball and Puma apparel.


Another music artist who has joined the Puma team is singer Rhianna. As a creative director for Puma’s women’s footwear, Rhianna had her own shoe designs for sale in the sneaker lineup. Rhianna designed casual sneakers for women featuring platform soles, velvet suede material and sleek style. Rhianna shoes were consistently sold out online.

Selena Gomez

Puma also recently started a collaboration with singer Selena Gomez. The partnership with Gomez goes beyond sneakers. This fashion and lifestyle collection features casual shoes, hats, backpacks and other types of apparel. Gomez’s designs are simple, laid back and chic. Additionally, Gomez is a frequent featured celebrity on Puma’s website and social media accounts. The athletic company recently did an interview with Gomez and how her life has changed during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Usain Bolt 

Usain Bolt, the Jamaican track and field legend, has been sponsored by Puma since 2002. His deal with Puma has evolved since its traditional setup back before Bolt became a household name. Throughout his Olympic successes, Bolt has stuck with Puma and helped promote the brand and given it new life. Every time Bolt won a gold medal, he did it in Puma track shoes. Bolt is featured in the marketing for the Puma Ignite running shoe.

The Weeknd  

Puma continues to expand its product offerings and go beyond the standard athletic apparel and footwear in its new collaboration with musician The Weeknd. Since being signed as a creative director, The Weeknd has helped produce a line of Puma wear for stylish men. These lifestyle designs consist of high-top casual sneakers, jackets and oversized denim looks. The fashions are a throwback to the streetwear of the 90s and bring new depth to the apparel outlet’s designs.

The Future of Endorsements 

Puma’s unique approach to celebrity endorsements has redefined the role of artists and athlete partners. Instead of smiling and appearing in advertisements, these endorsers have gotten involved in product design, marketing and other aspects that have helped build the brand’s success.