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London: Success will come in 'increments'

The cupboard is a bit bare. You have to think that. Al Groh might not be headed to the College Football Hall of Fame, but when your record is 3-9, you’re probably a 3-9 football team, if that makes sense.

University of Virginia football coach Mike London knows the score to that end.

“It’s in increments. It’s in segments,” he answered a reporter’s question on what he would consider a measure of a successful 2010 season at Wednesday’s UVa. football media day.

“Any part of the season where we’re showing that we’re very competitive, we’re playing with the temperament of the head coach and the coordinators, then I’ll consider that a plus,” London said. “We don’t have a number of wins, whether that’s going to be a successful season or not. At the end of the year, we’ll talk about if we made enough strides or gains to consider the season a plus.”

The talking about what will be will soon come to an end. That has London excited.

“It’s exciting for the fact that it’s now down to the x’s and o’s part,” London said. “You have the chance to actually go out and practice and try to put the plan together. It was necessary to do a lot of the events. i wanted to do them. I’m not complaining about doing them. Because I wanted to go out and reinvest, reinvigorate the fan base, people that support the program. I wanted to go to as many events as I could to show my support, now that I live in the community, to do things in the community. Now it’s football full-time, so I’m excited about that aspect of it.”

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