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Local food, local fuel, focal finance

stn creative comm fundBuilding a vibrant local economy requires many interlocking pieces – from local food, to local fuel, to the local finances to bring these initiatives to fruition.

Authors Carol Peppe Hewitt and Lyle Estill haven’t just been writing about these interlocking pieces of local economy, they’ve been building them. Carol founded Slow Money NC to help investors connect with local food entrepreneurs and community projects, and Lyle (author of Small is Possible) doubles as an alternative energy entrepreneur.

On Thursday November 6th at 6:00pm at the Staunton Makerspace, the Staunton Creative Community Fund, Sigora Solar, and the friendly city food co-op will join in hosting these authors and entrepreneurs for an evening workshop on expanding the boundaries of WHAT is possible in building local economies, as well as a rousing discussion on WHY local support, local ownership, and local finance is so vital in driving these opportunities.

“Building vibrant local economies can’t just be about improvements to one sector,” says Christina Cain, Executive Director of the Staunton Creative Community Fund. “Farmers, investors, alternative energy entrepreneurs, community leaders – we all have a vital part to play, and we can’t independently succeed without the support and connection to each other.  We’re excited to be co-hosting the event, as an opportunity to form those connections and to inspire all of us towards building a local economy that can meet its own food, fuel, and finance needs.”

The event is anticipated to not only share success stories from the presenters, but also highlight local examples of how local food, local fuel, and local finance are coming together to make possible greater food and alternative energy access than would otherwise be available. There will be opportunities for attendees to learn how to get involved as investors, entrepreneurs, supporters, or community members.

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