Local author provides view from above

Edited by Chris Graham

What would it be like if we could have seen everything just as the Heavenly Host or angels saw it? Frank Dunlap of Swoope takes on that weighty topic in his first book, A Heavenly View.

“I decided to write about what I thought the Bible generally had to say. That it is a book about good versus evil,” said Dunlap, who published the book under a pen name, Gary Summers.

The book was published by Augusta Free Press Publishing.

The inspiration for the book came from family. “My sons have always asked tough questions about God, Jesus and the Bible. For it is hard to understand how it’s all supposed to come together. So that has been my inspiration and driving force, on showing them some insight on this book,” said Dunlap, who works at Hershey Chocolate of Virginia in Stuarts Draft.

“People who know me know that I don’t even read books. Whoever would have thought that I would write one!” Dunlap said. “Most people who know me know that I am a musician. But neither of these will pay all the bills, so I do have a real job. I make chips for cookies. Is this a great country or what?”

Dunlap in A Heavenly View tells the story of how the angels became divided in their obedience to their Creator. “The fallen angels would do all they could do to have the souls rebel against their creator. They succeeded. Man has been constantly divided amongst themselves. Man’s soul was lost, but the Creator had another plan that would bring salvation to man’s soul. The book also goes on and tells stories of how angels, with the help of God, helped man so that everything works out for the best. So that man’s soul may be saved,” Dunlap said.

Dunlap is careful to point out that “it was not my intention to try to rewrite the Bible.”

“There are plenty of translations, and the Bible is already complete. Perhaps this book may help inspire you to read the Bible and use it so that you may understand God’s will and his love for you. I hope this book will bring about or deepen your love for God. That you would seek salvation and want to be saved or even rededicate your life to serve him better,” Dunlap said.

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