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Months into the coronavirus pandemic that hit the United States in early 2020, people are still spending a lot of time at home to help control its spread. Millions of Americans continue to work from home as well.

While the drastic steps to control the virus have been necessary, they have also had a negative impact on the physical and mental health of numerous people. The good news is that technology companies across the world have responded by releasing new products and improving existing ones to make time at home more efficient and enjoyable. Below are just a handful of these offerings.

Video Phone Calls

Talking to people on the phone is one thing but seeing their face can be a real encouragement during this time of social isolation. Internet technology companies like Zoom and Skype have taken this opportunity to expand and improve their service to allow more people to connect to others from home. The ability to see people while talking to them can ease the emotional pain of missing them during the pandemic. Even video gamers now have the option to see the people they play against from anywhere in the world.

Live Stream and On-Demand Workout Options

Gyms were one of the first types of business to close and stayed closed longer than companies in many other types of industries. This was a big loss for people whose morning or evening routine included working out at the local gym.

To keep people exercising and healthy, some fitness companies now offer live workouts with an instructor that people can follow along with at home. Others offer online health classes for the first time such as nutritional topics or treating fitness-related injuries. The best part is that people exercising from home can watch workout sessions or sign up for health courses when it is convenient for them.

Increased Options for Online Grocery Shopping

Although grocery stores remained open throughout the pandemic because of their essential nature, some people don’t feel comfortable visiting them in person. Their discomfort has caused a huge explosion in placing grocery orders online for pickup or delivery. Large chains like Wal-Mart already had this option but have ramped it up to keep pace with demand. The pandemic has also forced smaller grocery stores to get onboard to remain competitive.

Increased Interest in Online Investing

After it became impossible for people to use physical applications to complete investment transactions when lockdowns began, many looked for alternatives to keep their investing strategy alive. Mutual funds and interest in the National Pension System and Unit Linked Insurance Plan have been the most popular. Many used the early market crash to their advantage to purchase stocks at a low price and later resell them. Technology has also reached the home broking industry. Potential investors who now have more free time have explored the market in greater depth.

Relax with High Definition TV and Movies at Home

Lockdowns have meant that people can’t go to movie theaters, playhouses, sports bars, and other public places to view entertainment. The restriction has led to more people finding entertainment from home. One thing they have found lacking, however, is the sound quality they had come to enjoy in professional venues. A new product by Nuheara called IQstream TV, paired with their IQbuds² MAX wireless, bring affordable digital and surround sound quality direct to your ears.

With these combined technology products, users can adjust the television volume through their earbuds to their own preference without disturbing anyone else watching the TV. The sound quality upgrade has been described as akin the audio equivalent of going from a regular to high-definition television screen.

This new technology is even more beneficial for people with hearing loss, especially when the loss is still somewhat mild. Rather than simply increase the volume of what the user is watching, these TV hearing devices enhance speech and filter out distracting background noise.

The measures taken by government officials to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic have been extremely challenging for everyone. While most are happy to play their part, there’s no denying the ill effects of lack of socialization, exercise, and entertainment. The above technological advances are an excellent example of making the best of a bad situation.


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