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Life coach certification online: What is the best accredited training program?

Becoming a life coach is easier than ever with online certification programs and flexible learning methods available to help you reach your goals. If you are considering a career in life coaching, begin your research by exploring certification programs available for you to take the first step. Certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF) is the gold standard for success as a new life coach. ICF-accredited programs provide you with the foundations of life coaching so you can help others become the best versions of themselves.

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Online certification programs are increasingly popular as they allow you to pursue a career you love at your own pace using methods that work with your lifestyle. Flexible learning can allow you to coach practice clients, receive feedback from mentors, and learn information at your convenience, making your program easier to succeed in. Consider online coaching programs if you are open to modern learning techniques that only improve the time and energy you are able to give to your new passion. The following online programs are the gold standard of online life coaching certifications, and you can feel confident in your ability to create real change for your clients.

Coach Training Alliance

More than any other program, the Certified Coach Program by Coach Training Alliance has established itself as the leader in online life coach certification, and it’s clear to see why.

This six month program offers live online classes along with interactive software to deliver its signature Coach Training Accelerator program. CTA places heavy emphasis on teaching real world coaching skills by pairing you with practice clients, peers, and giving feedback from instructors. On top of its foundational life coaching course curriculum, CTA offers business and marketing curriculum to prepare students for landing clients and building their personal brand as coaches.

Highlights of CTA include an affordable pricing of $3,147 (compared to over $10,000 for programs of the same length) and a 9-month payment plan. You will enjoy small online class sizes of maximum 12 people for an intimate setting and 1:1 attention. The CTA online library of resources, exercises, and study tools will supplement your work while its business and marketing courses accelerate your career after certification. CTA also boasts a guarantee that you will become a practicing coach in 20 weeks, allowing you to earn money as a coach quickly as you complete your program. The 3 bonus self-paced interactive learning courses and coaching community are added bonuses of a comprehensive program.

Life Purpose Institute (LPI)

The Life Purpose Institute offers an accelerated coaching program and prides itself on being an extremely personal experience for all students. New students have the option of completing a certification to become a Certified Life Coach or a Certified Career Coach. LPI programs are 60 hours of training time and the length of your program is flexible. There are options for a 6 month or 3 month online program, with interactive video conference classes occurring weekly or twice a week, respectively. You also have the option to complete an online 5 Day Intensive course if you are looking to obtain your certification quickly. LPI is currently offering a bonus Business and Marketing course as well as continuing education add-ons for students ready for more advanced learning after becoming certified.

Highlights of LPI include affordable tuition of $2,500 for the certification regardless of which course length you choose. Flexible learning schedules with multiple course length availabilities allow you to master over 100 proven techniques to get results in client sessions. Lastly, the option to become a Spiritual Life Coach is perfect for you if you feel aligned or ready to take on a specialty early on in your career.

INLP Center

The iNLP Center is an online life coaching certification course that also provides certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioning and Mastery. This course is also composed of 60 training hours and includes a lifetime membership with the International NLP Association. INLP programs are taught in virtual classrooms with small class sizes and over 25 times each week to take advantage of live sessions. Aside from teaching the foundations of life coaching, INLP Center offers a Marketing Webinars and Marketing Training. The philosophy of the INLP Center program is based on five phases of coaching, which they have coined as their iNLP Universal Coaching Model.

Highlights of iNLP Center include program packages ranging from price points of $2400-3200 based on the level of additional support provided to you. You’ll enjoy access to over 50 techniques to implement with clients as well as coach evaluations and feedback in this entirely self-paced course with options to learn from mentors and supervisors. If you are committed to becoming a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner as well, you will benefit from three professional coaching certifications at the completion of your program.


Choosing the right online life coach certification is a critical decision that will impact your future career. Be sure to research the above programs to ensure your top choice fits your ideal learning style and teaches the foundations you need to feel confident in your coaching. iNLP Center is a fine choice for students hoping to become masters of NLP in addition to earning their life coaching certification. LPI is a strategic choice for new life coaches who have committed to incorporating spirituality into their practice and are ready to specialize in a niche topic. Lastly, CTA is the most effective program for new life coaches who want the most comprehensive understanding of coaching. The CTA curriculum is supplemented with the highest level of studying support for students along with small class sizes and mentorship.

Life coaches who enroll in CTA also receive the highest value for their money. The $3,147 price point covers lifetime access to the materials and CTA community, and its trademarked Coach Training Accelerator program has guaranteed success for years. The access to peer and practice clients and exercises through a digital class provides the 1:1 feedback new life coaches need to improve their techniques in real time. The last compelling highlight of CTA is its approach to business and marketing. Its blend of bringing your identity as a coach into your new branding and marketing will help you attract clients and bring them results. Consider these critical learning methods and coaching philosophies as you decide the right coaching certification to launch your career.