Licensed Nail Tech Visited East Rockingham Senior Center

ersc-nailsDetra Cash, licensed nail technician, spoke to 24 ERSC members and two volunteers on March 4, regarding the importance of proper nail care.

Cash is friends with ERSC Director Lisa Gooden, and this first ever health program was set up (unexpectedly) at the close of business on Thursday, February 28, when Cash came to exercise at the community center where the ERSC is located.

Cash, who is extremely personable and radiates a very warm and friendly attitude and smile, gave the attentive audience these tips during her presentation: nails should be filed in one direction, cuticles should never be cut and instead should be soaked and pushed back, peroxide and lemon juice can be used to whiten discolored nails, and oils (olive, Crisco) can be used to soften brittle nails since the nail bed has seven layers. Cash also told about the rigors of her licensing as a nail technician and said it requires 1,500 hours of specialized training.

As a bonus, Cash offered free nail trimming and polishing (if desired) to four attendees whose names were drawn at random. This one-on-one attention was appreciated and enjoyed by the recipients!

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