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Letters: Local elections, crazy socialists

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‘Crazy Socialists’

According to President Trump and the national conservative news media, someone who simply supports a federal government social program that helps people such as Social Security and Medicare is a “crazy socialist.”

If we go by that definition, than that would make Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon “crazy socialists” because they both signed new federal government social programs that help people into law/existence, and they both supported Social Security.

In fact, Ike wrote a letter to his brother in which he stated that any Republican who wants to abolish Social Security is “stupid.” It appears that conservative-Republicans have become a lot more conservative and “stupid” since around 1980 because we sure do have a lot of them nowadays who do want to abolish Social Security and move our country toward a “Survival-of-the-Fittest” Social Darwinism.

For example, I recently saw President Trump’s “Acting Chief of Staff” and “Budget Director”, Mick Mulvaney, on television. When we was a Congressman, he was a favorite of “The Tea Party” and was well-known for stating that Social Security is a “Ponzi scheme,” that it is “unconstitutional,” and that it should be abolished.

More and more, today’s national Republican Party stealthily advocates and stands for a crazy, creeping, and cold-hearted “Survival-of-the-Fittest” Social Darwinism where there are no federal government social programs to help the lower and middle classes.

Letter from Stewart B. Epstein/Rochester, N.Y.

Steve Landes for clerk, Emmett Hanger for State Senate

I strongly endorse Steve Landes for Augusta County Clerk of Court. Steve displays strength in organizational skills and precise attention to detail. His past business and legislative experiences ensure that Steve has the skills and competency to manage and bolster staff performance, resulting in a successful organization. Steve has spoken to other Clerks of Court, researched requirements and laws affecting the Clerk’s Office, and prepared reasonable goals which will benefit the citizens of Augusta County.

Vote for Emmett Hanger of the Senate 24th District. Hanger advocates for rural areas and our agricultural community. As Co-Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, his influence benefits our area. Emmett is a proponent for education and mental health. He is truthful; says what he means, and more importantly means what he says. We need this type of leadership in the General Assembly.

Join me November 5th in electing Steve Landes and Senator Emmett Hanger.

Letter from Judith W. Wyatt

Support for Miles Bobbitt in clerk race

I know it’s late in the game as election day is right around the corner but it might be just the time to write this.

I have been following the Augusta County Circuit Court Clerk election pretty well and not only has Miles Bobbitt been working very hard to connect with the community but he also did very well at last night’s debate. He showed up and answered the questions like a pro. Not only does that kind of preparedness show how well he is doing in the race but it also shows his experience level for the job.

As the director of vasap he knows the judicial system well and as a driven candidate it shows that he will try to get things done. Miles Bobbitt is definately the most experienced candidate and I believe he is also the best man for the job.

Miles Bobbitt definately has my vote and hopefully he has yours too.

Letter from Chase Quick/Greenville

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