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Letter to the Editor | Annie Morris

As a current college student who will be entering the job market within the next few years, my lifestyle has been tremendously affected by the current economic recession. We as Virginians have a duty to help those entering the work force and others stuck in right-to-work states — we have finally been provided with the tools to accomplish this. The Employee Free Choice Act assists in developing strategies to help all citizens deal with the weak economic conditions through its ability to repress corporate intimidation. Today’s labor laws don’t do enough to protect workers.

By calling Sen. Jim Webb or Sen. Mark Warner and asking them to vote for the Employee Free Choice Act, we as a state would be promoting stronger penalties for those corporations who illegally coerce and intimidate employees in their attempt to form unions. By bringing in a neutral third party to settle contract disputes and establishing majority sign-up (as used successfully by large corporations such as AT&T and Kaiser Permanente), the lower and middle class could take back control of their working conditions.

As a concerned citizen and student, I am asking readers to take an active role in their United States government and promote the Employee Free Choice Act.


– Letter from Annie Morris, Fredericksburg

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