Letter: Terry Short believes in Waynesboro

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I have known Terry Short Jr. for over 15 years. I met him when he started his career at VDOT, becoming the Staunton District planner.

I may add, his now “award winning career” – as Terry has received two VDOT Commissioner’s Awards of Excellence. In addition, Terry was awarded the 2016 Governors Award for Public Service in the category of teamwork.

I know Terry as a very thorough and optimistic man who does his homework, viewing every task as a challenge that can accomplished.

I admire Terry as the founder and president of the Waynesboro Arts & Culture Initiative, providing tens of thousands dollars of investment into our children and the future of Waynesboro.

Terry ran for City Council because he saw the lack of planning in Waynesboro and he wanted to put our city on a track to become stronger, more efficient and more competitive.

Terry has worked tirelessly, as councilman and mayor, to achieve so much for our town.

Terry has built upon our city’s comprehensive plan, encouraging businesses and people to come to Waynesboro.

Terry drove a movement to rebuild a high school that was falling down (literally), which now under construction to be a leading education center.

Terry has worked to retain our career fire and safety officers, instead of them becoming trained at our expense and moving on.

Terry’s leadership has been part of an administration that stopped the Waynesboro City Council from kicking the proverbial can of problems, down the road, so to speak.

Terry leads by example and serves on many boards, commissions and committees.

Terry believes in all of the articles and amendments in our U.S. Constitution and has taken a solemn oath to uphold them. This includes our Second Amendment rights.

I know Terry as a family man, a husband, a father, a church leader, a civic leader, a festival promoter, a musician, a co-worker and a friend. Terry’s untiring work ethic is beyond anything I have ever witnessed, seriously – and his dedication to all citizens of Waynesboro is steadfast.

Waynesboro needs Terry Short. To vote otherwise is a disservice to the future of Waynesboro.

Keep believing in Waynesboro. Vote Terry Short Jr for Waynesboro City Council on May 19.

Letter from Kevin Chisnell/Waynesboro

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