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Letter: Scott Taylor has reader’s backing in Second District Republican primary

2020 election vote
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In the wake of George Floyd’s death, we need leadership, so I am voting for Scott Taylor.

The evil and preventable killing of George Floyd was a tragedy. Now, with chaos in the streets of riots and crashing statues, it is critically clear: we need strong leadership. While leadership may sound like a buzzword, when I talk about politicians, to me it means being committed to their duty to improve people’s lives – but not with talking points and pointing fingers, but by taking tangible action. Real, effective action is needed now more than ever, especially regarding criminal justice reform and community relations with law enforcement. In 2018, then-Congressman Scott Taylor proposed a resolution to facilitate alliances between members of law enforcement and the local public they serve in order to improve communication and build trust. Especially during this time, we see that there exists mistrust and tension in communities in their relationship with law enforcement – improvement will only come from effective, results-oriented legislation like that Taylor has spearheaded in the past. Greater trust and understanding will yield more peaceful, safe, and respectful communities – and Scott Taylor will take the tangible steps toward that positive progress.

Letter from Grayson Pearce, Virginia Beach.