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Letter: Recognize Kurdish-dominated parts of Eastern Turkey

earthIslamic-dominated Kosovo, Europe’s poorest pseudo-state has been anti-Western (contrary to the opinion of the writers of “Kosovo and Erdogan’s dangerous Islamic agenda,” April 6 AFP) since its illegal theft from Serbia in 2008, our former ally in two world wars which we viciously betrayed. The problem is that our State Department turned a blind eye toward the Islamic terrorism it fomented in the Serbian republic due to its obsession in creating Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo to act against Russia someday and to protect the AMBO pipeline being constructed nearby. As a result, we have received much “blowback” from this Islamic terrorist “safe haven” for decades which has largely been ignored by our “free and fair” corporate-controlled media.

The greatest hypocrisy is that multiethnic sovereign Turkey supported the illegal recognition of Kosovo’s “independence.” violating Serbia’s sovereignty demonstrated to terrorists the world over that the borders of nations can in fact be altered via terrorism despite a massive irredentist effort by the Kurdish people in Turkey for decades to carve out their own nation. The Albanians already had a homeland: Albania. The Kurds do not.

I think that the best solution would be to recognize the Kurdish-dominated parts of Eastern Turkey as a new nation: “Kurdistan” and return Kosovo to its rightful owner: Serbia.

I think we also need to realize that Turkey is not our friend and should not be a member of NATO. It’s way too unstable and dangerous to harbor nuclear weapons at a time of great international stability caused in part by our illegal recognition of Kosovo.

Letter from Dr. Michael Pravica, Henderson, Nev.

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