Letter: Reader with close tie to Emmett Hanger urges support

Emmett HangerI’m the oldest of five kids and grew up in Augusta County, just like my dad, Emmett Hanger. I’ve been involved in campaigns my entire life, but I’ve never felt compelled to submit a letter to the editor until now. My dad is running for the Republican nomination to continue representing you in the Virginia Senate. Throughout this campaign, his opponent hasn’t talked a lot about herself and what she would do if elected. Instead, her campaign has been based on misrepresenting my dad’s record and attempting to malign his reputation.

During the time he’s held elected office, my dad has never been motivated by position or power.  He’s authentic, hard-working, and pours his boundless energy into public service. Every decision he makes is guided by his faith and conservative principles, and with the best interests of the people that he represents in mind.  Whenever I have questioned him about a position that he’s taken on an issue, he’s directed me to either the Bible or the Constitution.  Throughout his service, my dad has had a clear record of leadership in fighting for the unborn, based on his faith and belief in the inherent value and dignity of life, upholding and protecting the Second Amendment, and providing responsible, conservative fiscal leadership for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

I’ve learned a lot from my dad over my lifetime but one of the most important lessons he taught me, by example, is that there are more important things than winning – like honesty, humility, and integrity. It’s a shame that his opponent never learned that lesson. Many of you have had the opportunity to get to know my dad over the years. You know who he is and what he stands for. That hasn’t changed. Don’t be fooled. I urge you to stand up and show your support for Emmett Hanger in the Republican Primary on June 11th.

Letter from Shelley Hanger Husband/Manassas


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