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Letter: Reader backs Chris Runion for 25th House District seat

Chris‌ ‌RunionOn November 5th, the entire General Assembly will be up for re-election. Currently, the Republicans control each chamber by just one seat. If we lose our majority, the Democrats have been clear about what they plan to do: Usher in the most extreme policies Virginia has ever seen. They will repeal our Right to Work laws to mandate workers join unions and be forced to give part of their paychecks to unions for dues. They’ll seek to destroy our Second Amendment freedoms and raise our taxes to pay for the delusional “Virginia Green New Deal”. We can do our part to prevent this from happening by voting for Republican Chris Runion.

Chris Runion is a successful small business owner and community leader in the Shenandoah Valley. If the Virginia legislature needs one thing, it’s someone who has had to make the tough choices of making ends meet while running a small business, who has had to balance their budget, and someone has felt the pride of signing their name to the paychecks which give their employees the opportunity and hope of providing a better life for their family. Join me on Tuesday, November 5th and vote for Republican Chris Runion for Delegate.

Letter from Dan Cullers/Dayton

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