Letter: Ongoing concerns about Lumos service

lumos_homeLetter from Walter and Kathryn Arehart/Waynesboro

Editor’s Note: The letter incorrectly identifies nTelos as the provider of cable-television services. Lumos Networks is the provider of cable-TV services. nTelos spun off its wireline business into Lumos, a wholly separate telecommunications company, in 2011.

Mr.  Hyde knew what he was doing when he left a sinking ship as the former CEO of nTelos. They continue to perpetuate poor service and do not seem to care. TV has color blocks, freezing, and inaudible sound, and it has been an issue for many, many months. Many of our neighbors, as well as ourselves, have called for technical support.

They have sent folks out to our home, continue to say they are sorry, and have even credited our bill a bit. Still no solution. I have asked to speak to upper management, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. Their stock has dropped, their service is shameful, their rates have increased, and the beat goes on.  The folks who answer the tech support line could not be nicer and I feel so sorry for them.  I am not sure, but either the CEO or someone has authored the “excuse of the day” manual. “We’ve been working though the night. We are aware. A tree fell on the line during our upgrade.” Et cetera, et cetera. “Our problems are in the Waynesboro area.”

Competing companies are capitalizing on this and we get calls and fliers about lower rates, no freezing issues, quality sound etc etc.  Many customers have changed. We would like to remain a customer but it is getting more and more difficult.

nTelos does not seem to care about their product nor their employees that get to answer the phones. This has been going on for almost a year. We did get a letter stating that they were doing upgrades and  so our rates would increase. Amazing! It does not take a business degree to know that this is NOT the way to run a business, and it is concerning that they do not see that they are headed to become another empty building in Waynesboro.

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