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Letter | Jon Liss

I work with low-income workers and day laborers in Northern Virginia fighting for fair pay and treatment. Through my work, I have seen some unspeakable abuses of worker’s rights by employers taking advantage of low-income workers. 

The workers I deal with have a clear understanding of why their employers treat and pay them poorly: because they can. This simple concept is understood by millions of low-wage workers and is one of the main reasons we need the Employee Free Choice Act. Many employers know that if their employees are not organized they can treat them however they want. The Employee Free Choice Act removes obstacles that make forming a union difficult and punishes employers that harass and intimidate workers trying to form a union. With the Employee Free Choice Act, workers receive better wages and working conditions: because they can.


Jon Liss is the executive director of the Northern Virginia-based Tenants and Workers United.

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