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Letter | John Horejsi

Why is Virginia ranked last in stimulus spending? Gov. Kaine, as reported in the media – that Virginia Ranked Last in Stimulus Spending – is apparently in no hurry to spend stimulus money, money given to the state of Virginia that could create and sustain jobs.

The stimulus money is available, but is not being used. What is impeding action to infuse the Virginia economy with the stimulus funds to develop and preserve family wage jobs?

The same inertia is manifested with respect to the $79 million in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) stimulus money, more stimulus funds not being used. The state of Virginia runs the risk of loosing the TANF funding if the governor does not act. The TANF funding is intended for Virginia’s families that find themselves in deepest poverty and greatest need and most damaged by the recession. The opportunity to lift a heavy burden for the most vulnerable is an opportunity that should not be missed. To do nothing with the funding is unconscionable.


John Horejsi is the coordinator of Social Action Linking Together (SALT).


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