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Letter: Cynthia Dunbar for Sixth District Republican nomination

congressMay 19th will be a historic day for the Sixth District of Virginia – potentially.  The Republican Party will select their candidate by Convention rather than by primary, a first in 26 years!   The Sixth District has historically voted 69% Republican, so whoever wins the Convention will undoubtedly win the November election and become our Congressional Representative in Washington, D.C.   Indeed, this Convention will be significant!  Despite the fact that there are eight candidates, only three have any momentum worth speaking about.  Two of those three are Establishment Candidates who have either no serious experience fighting liberalism or who fancy themselves to be ‘coalition builders’ – that’s code for saying they will work behind the scenes making ‘deals’ with other legislators in order to get goodies for their friends back in the District who financed their campaigns.  These types openly reject term limits because they cry ‘it’s not fair’ even when the majority of Americans surveyed want term limits and Republicans control Congress.    In light of these facts, the choice is clear.   We can choose a representative like the one we’ve had for the last 26 years, a career politician who strives to keep his head low, dodging controversial issues while doing nothing to ‘drain the swamp’ or, we can choose a candidate that is passionate for our Constitutional principles, who ardently advocates the elimination of unconstitutional governmental programs and who has a proven track record for fighting and winning battles against liberal progressivism!   That person is Cynthia Dunbar.

Initially, one establishment candidate made the claim that Ms. Dunbar did not have ‘legislative experience.’  However, as the delegates have begun to examine Cynthia’s record while on the Texas State Board of Education – an elected position twice the size of the Sixth District that requires overt legislative skills to successfully fulfill its mandate, it has become clear who the delegates favor.   Now desperate, that same establishment candidate is trying another tactic.  Now he simply tries to imitate Cynthia’s message!  In addition to his passively bland glad-handing, he is trying to portray himself as a constitutional conservative -minus the zeal.  Indeed, this establishment candidate, while publicly rejecting term limits, ironically suggested that he would fight against career politicians by ‘building coalitions’ (red flag!) in such a way that his fellow Representatives would voluntarily give up their lucrative salaries and pensions! Talk about being a Dreamer!   What we’re seeing here is a candidate who will say anything to win this election!  Ms. Dunbar, on the other hand, has already honored a previous self-imposed term-limit pledge while on the Texas State Board of Education so we know she means business!  In addition, her teaching experience at Liberty Law School gives her a level of expertise like that of Dave Brat who taught economics at Randolph-Macon College before winning Eric Cantor’s seat in the Seventh District – and we’ve seen the positive impact Mr. Brat has made in D.C. already!   But don’t forget the fact that Cynthia has published two very revealing books, One Nation Under God and Attributes of America. These books leave no doubt as to her authenticity both as a Christian and as a Conservative.    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a real Constitutional Conservative representing the Sixth District for a change?   Let’s put Cynthia Dunbar in Congress and give President Trump a fighter he can count on!

Letter from Jocelyn White