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Letter: Concerns over Cuccinelli health-care suit

Letter from Jim Lindsay
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Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s lawsuit opposing health-insurance reform has left me concerned as a resident and a taxpayer.

He is obligated to serve as consumer counsel and to protect the people and welfare of Virginia. Due to serious budget cuts affecting all state offices, he must focus on the most critical legal priorities with the greatest impact on Virginia residents. It’s disturbing then that the most visible initiatives he has pursued to date are highly partisan, serving the interests of only a very narrow ideological minority in the state.

Health-care reform legislation will provide coverage to over a million uninsured, provide long overdue basic consumer protections against denial and cancellation of coverage, and cost savings to all Virginians. It is difficult to believe that bringing suit against this legislation is a priority that the majority of Virginians wish to see pursued or one that is an efficient use of limited resources. Further, this challenge is harmful to the interests of consumers, and in direct conflict with the Attorney General’s role as consumer counsel.

– Jim Lindsay, Arlington