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Letter: A more broadly personal, kinder Kai Degner

kai degnerWe found Kai Degner to be more broadly personal, kinder than reported by The News Leader in its 10-1-16 “Degner … pipeline” article and by the News Virginian in its 10-3-16 “Degner holds summit” article.

We were campaigning for Donald Trump and apologizing on his behalf to the public at the 2016 Buena Vista Labor Day political rally when U.S. Congressional candidate Kai Degner approached our “Veterans 3 Gold Medals” parade entry’s lady chairman Patsy Mae Monger of Waynesboro.

She sang live and in person to him her alto quiver of our parade entry’s PTSD Veterans tribute song. She was wearing the attire of a Vietnam War veteran who has been feeling medically left behind since returning stateside.

Seeing ourselves, in the Roanoke Times taken and online posted photo of the event with candidate Degner in it with us, made us feel like we are quite capable at attempting to retrieve our veterans once military service earned choice of medication entitlement even if by a discharge upgrade – as did our having become knowledgeable of candidate Degner’s position of cannabis reform with our PTSD veterans in mind in particular.

For sure, the broadly personal, kinder candidate Degner we came to know empowered us to make a political transitional move that has led us to having already voted for him by our mailed in “medically excused” absentee ballots.

Letter from John Paul” Pops” Turner, Churchville

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