Letter: Bridgewater reader urges vote for Emmett Hanger

Emmett HangerEmmett Hanger has a great record of representing us all, with a commonsense approach to his work. His opponents are saying “compromise” is a dirty word. Emmett knows compromise on some subjects is the only way to get people to the table to get things done. For instance, Gerrymandering must be addressed to make sure we have fairness and parity in our representation in government. These seats don’t belong to a party or member; they’re the “people’s seats.” Senator Emmett Hanger knows that and has worked to end gerrymandering by establish a constitutional Amendment creating a bi-partisan citizens redistricting commission. He is working with groups like One Virginia 2021 to make sure the process is fair, transparent and takes politics out of the process as much as possible. He will continue to push for these changes and I encourage you to vote for him on June 11. A vote for Emmett is a vote for commonsense.

Letter from Susan Pollard/Bridgewater

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