Letter: Anthony Flaccavento, the patriotic choice for the 9th District

Anthony FlaccaventoThe truth is elusive in the current political environment. But, there are facts we all agree on.

#1 Trump has a casual relationship with the truth.

#2 Trump coddles strong leaders, regardless of their actions and ideologies, or the negative impact on our allies.

#3 Russia meddled in the 2016 election.

#4 Trump will attack anyone but Putin.

There’s many more, but even the most devoted Trump supporter has to acknowledge these four truths.

Trump is destroying democracy.

Hopefully, Mueller’s investigation will lead to Trump’s downfall, but there’s the possibility the attorney general will dismiss Mueller.

Also, it takes a super majority, two-thirds of the senate, to vote yes to impeach Trump. If Republican senators were concerned with the president’s ethics, they would have acted the first time Trump compromised the emoluments clause of the constitution when he stayed at a Trump resort.

The only way to stop the current administration’s destructive agenda is flipping the House of Representatives. Since the 9th District’s current representative, Morgan Griffith, fully supports Trump, including his shameful capitulation to our most dangerous threat, Russia, he has to go.

We can do this by electing Anthony Flaccavento. This alone should be reason enough to vote for him, but there’s many more. Flaccavento is a long time resident of southwest Virginia, a farmer, and a small business owner. He’s one of us.

He has a plan for building a healthy economy that will elevate the region and. level the playing field for recruiting outside investment.

Flaccavento has written a book about how he wants to do this; “Building a Healthy Economy From the Ground Up.”

Flaccavento’s been working hard to meet and listen to as many 9th district people as possible. Meanwhile, Griffith refuses to do anything similar, and is yet to hold a single town hall. His constituents aren’t arrogant and unavailable, so why is Griffith?

If you’re tired of being dismissed as irrelevant by the rest of the country, and tired of having a representative that doesn’t even make the effort to listen, Anthony Flaccavento is your man.

Letter from Lisa Dolloff

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