Letter: An evening with Democrats

democrats republicansSo I had quite the interesting evening. I went to a picnic for Democrats. It was very telling. These weren’t the rabid socialists I’m so used to hearing about. They weren’t anti America or hated Christians. They didn’t even hate guns and said nothing about mine as it was visible on my hip.

These people were local Americans. They prayed and I prayed with them. We said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the National Anthem and every single person stood. Tho I don’t think anyone would have made a big deal out of someone kneeling. These were men, women, black folks, homosexuals and we were all just happy to be there meeting new faces and talking about what was important to us.

Anthony Flaccavento was there and made a short speech and it wasn’t about Trump or any other politician. It was about his plan. His plan to invest in people and communities. To build from the ground up. He spoke passionately and with substance. He immediately grabbed my attention. The other speakers spoke just as eloquently. It was just a good time.

I simply don’t understand the hate directed at people that want a better future for all. These weren’t bad people and their message wasn’t to abort all babies or take everyone’s guns. That is all complete nonsense. Their message and now my message is to unite and build a better tomorrow. We are stronger together than divided.

The evening was closed out with desert and hugs. Thank you’s and contact information being exchanged. The way I was welcomed by these strangers and the compassion they shared made me a believer in their agenda and a supporter of Anthony Flaccavento.

Letter from Jimmy Runyon


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