Leptoconnect Reviews: Is this supplement legit or scam [2020 report]

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Are you sick and tired of trying to lose weight without getting any noticeable results?

If you’re fed up with crazy diets that leave you low on energy and exhausted, you’re not alone. It’s impossible to keep them up anyway.

And not all of us can cope with a rigorous exercise regimen either. Especially since the results vanish as soon as you stop exercising.

But there is a different approach to solving your problem.


Designed to help you burn that stubborn fat off, Leptoconnect is a break-through in weight loss research.

Read on to see how and why.

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LeptoConnect Review: Brand Overview

Staying active and eating a healthy diet are two things that can help keep you healthy. But if you are doing just that and still failing to lose weight, you may not be to blame.

Excess weight has been linked to leptin receptors.

A recent study by researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Centre shows that having high levels of leptin receptors may help reduce weight gain.

More research indicates that being fat may be a result of leptin resistance, not lack of exercise, or eating too much.

And this is where Leptoconnect comes in. This weight loss supplement combines several powerful ingredients to help restore your body’s leptin balance.

Leptoconnect’s powerhouse is 3 ancient Japanese mushrooms, long recognized for their health benefits.

Maitake mushrooms contain D-Fraction, an element that encourages your body to burn fat instead of storing it.

Shiitake mushrooms have been proven to influence dietary receptors. They can help inhibit fat storage, even on a high-calorie diet.

Reishi, the third mushroom, supports brain receptors and mental health.

But Leptoconnect doesn’t stop here. It adds another 5 key ingredients to support the fat-burning effects of these 3 powerful mushrooms.

And to cap it all off, Leptoconnect adds antioxidant-rich green tea and vitamins for an all-round, synergistic boost to your health.


  •         You get results even without exercise and dieting
  •         Product has a 60-day money-back guarantee
  •         Safe, natural ingredients
  •         No steroids or dangerous substances
  •         Eliminates the cause of excess weight, not just the symptoms


  •         Available only online
  •         Results require a 2-3 month commitment

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The great thing about Leptoconnect is that you’ll be seeing results in a couple of months, even without exercise or dieting.

That’s because Leptoconnect works to restore your leptin receptors to their optimum function, helping you to finally stop storing fat.

If you do choose to exercise while taking Leptoconnect, you’ll likely see results even faster. And dieting becomes less stressful too because Leptoconnect helps control hunger pangs.

But Leptoconnect goes a step further to help with your weight loss journey. Its blend of 18 effective ingredients also helps to keep you feeling energized and positive.

And that can be a massive help if you’re dieting and dealing with the blues and fatigue that come from lowering your caloric intake.

Leptoconnect also packs vital essential vitamins and antioxidants. A toned, glowing skin and healthy nails are two pleasant side effects of using the supplement.

So if you’ve tried every weight loss method possible and gotten no results, Leptoconnect could be exactly what you need.

It won’t have you dropping a clothes size every week: don’t ask for the impossible.

But if you’re really interested in getting rid of that stubborn fat, Leptoconnect can get you there faster and with much less hassle.

What is Leptoconnect? Is it Legit?

Leptoconnect isn’t the oldest product on the market. But a quick visit to their website will show you that the brand is based on scientific facts, not gimmicks.

The product’s strategy is simple and straightforward.

You may be failing to lose weight because your leptin receptors are not functioning as they should.

So Leptoconnect works to gradually, naturally restore your leptin receptor functions back to normal.

This weight loss supplement doesn’t promise you miraculous, overnight results.

What it does do is to explain the science behind every single ingredient packed into those capsules.

The formula is carefully put together. It aims to do more than simply prevent your body from storing fat and boosting your fat-burning capabilities.

Leptoconnect focuses on helping you to maintain peak health, even as you go through the ups and downs of losing weight.

So, in addition to ingredients directly linked to fat burning and inhibiting fat storage, you’ll be getting health-supporting essential vitamins and antioxidants.

Two for the price of one. And as you’ll see in just a little while, the formula doesn’t contain any steroids or toxins.

Leptoconnect is NOT addictive and is safe to use on a daily basis.

The Secret Behind Leptoconnect’s Effectiveness

It’s all about the ingredients. Leptoconnect has a total of 18 carefully selected ingredients, and each one contributes to helping you lose weight safely.

Leptoconnect’s backbone is made of three powerful Japanese mushrooms. They have been long-used in holistic medicine, and modern research is recognizing their value too.

  • Maitake is often called the king of mushrooms. It contains D-Fraction, an ingredient known to enhance fat burn in your body. It is also helpful in preventing and controlling cancer, as recent studies have discovered.
  • Shiitake can be found in many gourmet restaurants. But did you know it’s more than just a pricey treat? Shiitake has been shown to inhibit fat gain and reduce cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Reishi mushrooms can help enhance your mood and have been proven to contain various powerful antioxidants. Recent research has found that they may even help to slow down aging.

These three key ingredients alone can already kick-start your fat loss.

But Leptoconnect goes ahead to back them up with another 5 natural plant extracts that work to enhance the effects even more.

  • Brazilian Pow-Pow, otherwise known as Graviola, is a plant bursting with powerful antioxidants. These help to boost your immune system and can help fight cancer.
  • African Cherry (Pygeum Africanum) may contribute to supporting leptin satiety signals, helping you to eat fewer calories less frequently.
  • Red Raspberries are a known source of antioxidants. Adding this to your diet can help give your immunity a much-needed boost.
  • Cat’s Claw has been used by Amazonians for centuries to treat inflammation and infections. It is also thought to support healthy digestive function.
  • Saw Palmetto has several benefits, from balancing out hormonal levels to preventing inflammation.

When combined with the 3 mushrooms, these 5 all-natural ingredients work to boost your health as your body adjusts to the changes that happen during weight loss.

And to make sure that your rapid weight loss doesn’t leave you nutritionally imbalanced, Leptoconnect added some key vitamins to the formula:

  • Vitamin B6 is a key ingredient for a healthy, naturally toned skin.
  • Zinc has many functions in the body, including balancing out your hormones and helping you get deep, restful sleep.
  • Vitamin E is a favorite of the cosmetics industry. It has many roles to play in the body and can give you magazine-worthy nails to show off.

Green tea is Leptoconnect’s final addition to an already powerful and effective weight loss formula. It’s a favorite of the health and wellness world for the powerful antioxidants it contains. It can even help energize you and lift your mood.

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Lab Tests & Results

Leptoconnect’s manufacturers have not carried out any third-party tests on their product, so there isn’t much we can say there.

But the supplement is manufactured in an FDA and GMP-approved lab, so you can be sure that quality is strictly controlled and monitored.

It’s also an assurance that no dangerous or banned substances go into the formula. All the ingredients used are safe.

Shipping & Return Policy

Leptoconnect offers free shipping across the entire US on all orders, regardless of size.

And the brand is confident the product will work for you, so they’re offering a 60-day money-back guarantee as well.

Buying Leptoconnect is quick, easy, and risk-free.

How Does Leptoconnect Work?

We are conditioned to think that how fat you are is a direct result of exercise and diet. And it is true that these two factors affect your weight.

But if they were the only ones, many of us would have shed those excess pounds years back.

Science has recently shown that inability to lose weight may be related more to how your leptin receptors work than to your lifestyle.

If your leptin receptors are out of whack, then they’ll be telling your body to store fat. And if this happens, no amount of dieting or exercise will get you looking lean and sexy.

Leptoconnect uses ingredients that can help gradually adjust the function of your leptin receptors back to normal.

So it will gently reconfigure your body to burn fat instead of storing it.

And because it comes loaded with powerful antioxidants and vitamins, the formula will leave you with soft, toned skin and beautiful nails.

You won’t just be showing off your new, lean, sexy look. You’ll be glowing with health and vitality too.

How to Use Leptoconnect?

Leptoconnect comes packaged in a convenient, easy-to-carry bottle. Each bottle carries enough pills for 30 full days.

  • The manufacturer recommends taking only one pill per day. Taking more will not speed up your weight loss results, so it’s best to respect the recommendation.
  • To achieve maximum results, you need to take Leptoconnect for at least 90 days.

This weight loss supplement works independently of what you eat. There are no restrictions on a diet, so you can eat and drink whatever you want.

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Who Should Use Leptoconnect & Who Should Not?

Leptoconnect doesn’t contain any steroids or toxic ingredients, and minimal caffeine (coming from the green tea extract).

So it doesn’t matter how old or young you are.  And it’s not about your fitness levels either.

You could be a couch potato or a gym freak. Either way, if you have weight to lose, Leptoconnect can help you.

Doing some regular exercise, however light, and eating healthy, will help you achieve your weight loss goal faster.

But even on its own, Leptoconnect will get those stubborn fat pockets off.

As a side note, the manufacturer claims that the supplement is 100% safe. But comprehensive tests are yet to be done.

So if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any doubts, we’d recommend you talk to your doctor first before taking Leptoconnect.

LeptoConnect Side Effects

As you start to burn fat and lose weight with Leptoconnect, you’ll find your body adjusting to the new, leaner you.

Cravings, occasional hunger pangs, and even mood swings are common when people are trying to lose weight, especially if they are dieting.

But using its powerful natural ingredients, Leptoconnect works to help you combat those side effects. It doesn’t make them worse.

As per reviews by other publications like : Leptoconnect, on its own, is not known to have any major side effects. But if you are very sensitive to caffeine, you may be affected.

This supplement contains green tea, which contains caffeine. People sensitive to caffeine may experience:

  • Headaches
  • Being jittery
  • Diarrhea

If you have any worries about using Leptoconnect, please discuss it with your doctor first.

==> Visit Leptoconnect’s official website to get the best discount

Before & After: LeptoConnect Reviews

Review 1

I’m already in my 40’s, and I’d given up on looking and feeling sexy years ago. I have a 9-to-9 desk job that I commute to, so no time for a walk or the gym.

Even if I had the time for it, I wouldn’t cook because I absolutely hate cooking. So I’m always eating junk burgers and pizzas.

I’m just not up for a diet, and I really don’t have the time to exercise. I’ve tried several weight loss products, but I felt like I had wasted my money.

I was a size 22, and I hated my wardrobe. But I’d already given up.

Then an old schoolmate told me about how she’d already lost 14 pounds with Leptoconnect, and I thought, maybe??

I wasn’t convinced, so I bought just one bottle.

But by the end of the third week, I’d lost 2 pounds. Now to you, that may seem small, but to me, it was HUGE.

Still the same old desk job, and still the same old junk food.

Anyway, I promptly ordered another 3 bottles of Leptoconnect.

Seven total weeks down the road, I’ve lost another 4 pounds and gone down to size 20. Can’t wait to see me in another 2 months!! Read the full review here

Review 2

I used to play basketball at college, and I was a hit with the ladies.

5 years later, I’m a successful lawyer at a top NY firm. But people had started mistaking me for a middle-aged guy instead of a 25-year-old ex-basketball star.

I was exercising regularly, and I was eating okay. Not great, but not shabby either. And yet I still had a double chin and a bulge of a belly.

I decided to try a weight loss supplement and took a chance on Leptoconnect. And I’m really happy I did!

Just one pill a day, but I’ve already lost 7 pounds and counting. The bulge is smaller, and the double chin is gone.

I feel more pumped up at the gym, and I’m sleeping better at night. And my colleagues are noticing that I look fresher and younger!

That’s less than two months since I started taking Leptoconnect. Loving the extra energy and rapid fat burn.

Will definitely be ordering more. Read the full review here.

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Where to Buy Leptoconnect and Deals?

There are too many scammers out there selling fake, non-effective versions of Leptoconnect. Don’t get duped and waste your money.

The only legit place to buy Leptoconnect is through the company’s site, leptoconnect.com.

A one-month supply of Leptoconnect costs just $69, and shipping is 100% free if you’re within the US.

But if you’re quick, you can grab one of Leptoconnect’s awesome discount deals.

Take 3 bottles at once, and you’ll be paying only $59 per bottle. PLUS, you’ll get 1 bottle of Leptoconnect Colon Cleanser for free—no shipping charges.

Better yet, if you do a bulk order and take 6 bottles of Leptoconnect, you’ll be paying an all-time low of $49 per bottle and get yourself 2 bottles of the colon cleanser as a bonus.

Verdict: Should You Buy Leptoconnect?

Tired of looking and feeling incompetent because everyone is judging you by your oversized, baggy clothes?

Disgusted with crazy fad diets that put on even more pounds instead of shaving them off?

Worn out from hours spent at the gym but still not seeing the six-pack you want?

Leptoconnect could be what you need to jumpstart real, tangible weight loss. Give it just 90 days to work its magic, and you’ll be well on your way to a sexier, more confident you.

Made in the US in an FDA-approved lab, Leptoconnect uses quality, safe ingredients. No steroids, no banned substances, and no addiction.

Designed to block fat storage and boost fat burn, the formula also packs vitamins and antioxidants to keep you healthy as you blast those pounds off.

If you’re looking for a safe, natural, pain-free approach to weight loss, Leptoconnect is your one-stop solution.

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