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LEGION Act passes House, goes to president for signature

Ben ClineThe House of Representatives passed S. 504, the LEGION Act, on Tuesday, July 23. Congressman Ben Cline introduced the bipartisan House version of the bill, along with Congressman Lou Correa (CA-46), on March 8.

The bill, which would expand American Legion membership criteria to include all honorably discharged veterans who served during unrecognized times of war, was also co-sponsored by Congressman Gil Cisneros (CA-39).

“I was proud to help lead the effort to pass this bipartisan legislation which does the right thing for those military members who honorably served and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice during unrecognized periods of conflict,” Cline said. “Congressmen Correa and Cisneros, along with Senators Sinema and Tillis, believe we should recognize the honorable military service of those who served during unrecognized periods of war. Opening membership of the American Legion to our heroes who have served in conflicts from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan is the right thing to do.”

“I am proud of today’s work,” Correa said. “The House and Senate have done their job and passed the LEGION Act. Now it’s up to the President to keep his promises to America’s veterans and sign this critical legislation into law. For 100 years, the American Legion has provided critical resources and created a community for veterans. This legislation will ensure that everyone who puts on the uniform has the privilege to join the Legions’ ranks. Regardless of when a servicemember served, every veteran is a hero and has earned our respect and full access to their benefits. This bill will ensure every veteran has the opportunity to join their brothers and sisters in arms in the American Legion. I want to thank my colleagues Rep. Ben Cline and Gil Cisneros, and Senators Kristen Sinema and Thom Tillis for championing this legislation and helping our great nation keep our promises to America’s veterans.”

Cline and Correa’s House version of the bill had 108 co-sponsors from both parties as of Tuesday.