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Learning management systems: Benefits and features

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Providing learners with a virtual training experience has suddenly become an absolute necessity. Thankfully, we have the technology required to execute this task effectively.

One of the most important tools for providing an online training experience is a learning management system.

In simple words, a learning management system, or LMS, is a tool or platform based on the cloud that is used to store, manage, and share training content with learners.

Modern learning management systems are incredibly accessible, able, and come loaded with a variety of security features designed to keep sensitive training and user data secure.

These features and abilities of LMS offer a variety of business benefits:

Benefits Of Using A LMS For Employee Training

  • On-demand access to training content: Once you have uploaded and shared the training content with your learners/employees, they will have access to it for as long as you allow them to. This way, even after their training is complete, they will be able to revisit the training content to refresh on relevant topics before starting with a new task.
  • Reduced L&D Cost: When used right, a learning management system can potentially enable an organisation to completely eliminate the need of paying for instructor travel and logistic costs. Besides this, a LMS also enables an organisation to save on the cost of printed training content and the cost of building/renting/allotting a dedicated space for employee training.
  • Easy Management Of Training Content: Since most learning management systems are based on the cloud, they allow for incredibly easy management of training content. With a LMS multiple users can collaborate to create an immersive training experience and update it as and when required.
  • Scalability: Another benefit of being based on the cloud is that your learning management system can grow with your organisation and its evolving training needs. Most learning management systems also offer the ability to manage sudden and temporary employee training needs.

Besides these advantages, LMS also offer a variety of features that are designed to maximise the impact of your employee training initiatives. Many LMS offer an incredible variety of engagement features at an affordable cost.

Here are some of the features offered by modern learning management systems:

  • Artificial Intelligence: THat’s right, AI has taken over this industry as well, and for good. With AI, learning administrators can automate the personalisation of training experience for individual learners. With this, organisations can ensure better results in terms of comprehension and retention.
  • VR Support: Virtual reality is another technology that is revolutionising many industries, and the training industry is not an exception. With VR training, organisations can train employees without the risk of accidents and provide them with a safe training environment to become confident with their skills. This isn’t great just for employee safety, it also saves organisations millions of dollars in covering damages caused because of training related accidents.
  • Gamification: Gamification, in simple words, is the practice of adding game-like elements to the training experience. The reward systems used by gaming elements like point systems, leaderboards, and levels, are proven to motivate learners to participate more during training sessions and perform better during assessments. Gamification elements can thus be used to improve the effectiveness of training programs.

The best part is, most LMS are very pocket friendly. For instance, Articulate 360 offers all of these features and Articulate 360 pricing model is considered affordable even by smaller businesses.


A LMS can be an extremely advantageous tool in a variety of training scenarios. The benefits and features offered by these tools can positively transform the outcome of any training program.

Have you used a LMS in the past? How was your experience? Share with us in the comment section below.

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