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Larry Yates | Stimulus

What is an economic stimulus? So-called “conservatives” say cutting taxes for the rich is the real economic stimulus. These guys cut taxes for the rich during their Iraq war, and while New Orleans flooded. It’s what they do. You have cancer? Give us a tax cut.

An economic stimulus is government spending that quickly gets more money into the hands of average people who will spend it on immediate needs.

If people choosing between rent and medicine and groceries get help and can pay for them all, that’s a stimulus. If thousands of homes get weatherized, the people who do the work spend their wages, while the people who live in the homes have more money to spend on their necessities. A stimulus!

If a billionaire has less taxes to pay, and has to decide whether to put the extra in municipal bonds or just throw the money in the vault, is that a stimulus? Not so much.

If we get a stimulus, you will know it. You and your friends and family will feel the anxiety lift. But that relief won’t come unless we tell the so-called conservatives that we are serious about getting our economy in motion again. That’s our economy, with jobs and homes and health care – not their rich friends’ exotic investments. We want to see more jobs for people laid off, young people leaving school, people who are struggling. Ask Congress to pass a stimulus that will come right to your community, where it’s needed.


– Column by Larry Yates

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