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Landscape photographer Josh Beames portrays the beauty of the planet 

A prolific, talented and artistically curious photographer, Josh Beames seems to have the full package. His recent affiliation with Nikon Australia as a Nikon Z creator and as a Nikon School Lecturer, as well as his ability to capture unprecedented moments on camera, is a testament to his work ethic, talent, and corporate ethos.

Josh Beames: History and professional development

Josh Beames began his journey as a part time hobby, primarily utilizing the camera on his Iphone 4 and occasionally capturing and experimenting with different types of photographs. However, what started as a temporary hobby quickly developed into a productive and dynamic photography career.

Residing near the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians National Park, Beames ensured he consistently allocated a sufficient amount of time and effort to practice and perfect his plethora of techniques, by utilizing the different landscapes, angles, and camera features that were available to him.

As a result of his recent affiliation with Nikon Australia by becoming both: a Nikon Lecturer, and a Nikon Z Creator, Beames has additionally received significant field recognition in his field.

On his website, the eminent photographer has highlighted the extreme amount of ‘stress, exhaustion and confusion’ that pursuing a professional career in the field of photography can involve for inexperienced persons that are just starting out. Consequently, Josh is adamant to participate in the active transformation of his industry by passing on crucial knowledge, camera technique, and field related expertise to persons of different economic and social backgrounds- making his industry more holistically accessible as a whole.

Portraying the beauty of our planet: Worldwide eminence

As touched on above, Josh Beames is widely recognized for both his unique style in relation to landscape photography, and his history of capturing unprecedented moments on camera.

His ‘Lightning & Bioluminescence”’ and ‘Iceland Glacier Under Over’ photographs are both reportedly ones of a novel nature, meaning Josh Beames is the only photographer on record to have ever documentaly captured such fascinating moments on camera; a fact which he believes ‘speaks volumes’ about his corporate reliability, artistic passion, and professional potential.

Even though his favorite country to work in is Iceland, the adventurous photographer has a history of excelling in a variety of countries, and has consequently developed significant world-wide eminence in the last couple of years. Such locations include New Zealand, Australia, Canada and- astonishingly, even a moving jet star flight where he captured the Aurora Australis on film.

Incorporating the importance of environmental protection

Josh Beames is additionally unique as a photographer to the extent that he consistently incorporates an environmentalist approach to his photography, and attempts to actively preserve the ‘beauty, grace, and uniqueness’ of our planet. Through his photography, he: illustrates the key issues currently affecting our planet, depicts the undeniably unique, yet simple, beauty of our nature, and encourages his viewers to actively participate in the preservation of our planet.

Essentially, Josh provides an unequivocal portrayal of just “how fascinating” our planet can be and, undeniably, enables a prolific amount of persons around the globe to indulge themselves within the unique angles, landscapes, and synergies of nature that he provides with his photography and acquire a pivotal appreciation of the importance of protecting our environment.

“Without a doubt, the more people that can find themselves experimenting with photography and being in nature, the more people will inadvertently develop a deep appreciation and respect for the beauty of our planet, and consequently choose to promote and follow the fundamental changes that are needed,” says Josh Beames.

A final overview

Aside from his eminence in the field of landscape photography, Josh additionally covers a variety of photography fields including weddings, houses, and commercial estates.

This has provided a plethora of work-related benefits for him, as his wide field related expertise has proliferated his online profile and highlighted his once again rather unique style of photography.

When taking into account his eminence all around the world, and his unique talent for capturing special moments which reflect his desire to protect the planet and the beauty that he sees everyday, it is no surprise that he has become well-known in the industry.

Story by Virginia Sagal

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