Kidgy: Your children’s savior in the dark world of Internet

The need for parental controls on smart devices at home is on the rise. Now-a-days you rarely come across a family where the parents stay home or at least one of them stays home to take really good care of their children. Apart from the outside world threats, there are various virtual threats like web bullies and other internet threats that can hamper your children’s lives adversely. But the development of parental control on iPhone apps has helped working parents a lot.


Why parental controls are necessary?

Parental control measures should be applied in all smart devices at home if you have children who are yet to get matured! If you are a parent then you must be aware of the things you did back in your childhood days behind your parents back. You know what things can go wrong in a child’s mind and particularly if he or she is approaching teenage. With the increased dependency on internet services, now-a-days it is very risky to leave your children unchecked on their internet activities. They might get influenced by their friends and do things that they won’t be very proud of in a later part of their life. So, to make sure your children don’t get into the wrong path, use parent control applications like Kidgy in your smart phone, television and other smart devices in your home.

Why should you go for Kidgy?

Kidgy is one hell of a parent control app that is loaded with features to keep a check on your children’s internet activities. You can block adult and inappropriate sites so that you children can’t access them through any of the devices in your home. Not just website but you can also restrict your children from using unwanted applications through Kidgy. You can easily manage their text and call history through this app too. all sent, received and deleted messages are stored in the app and are sent to you as alerts along with the date, time and place of your children when and from where they are texting. Save your children from school and web bullying by looking over their messages through this app. This will help you keep a better watch over them and that too remotely. So, you can look over your children’s internet activity even while sitting in your office cabinet.

Kidgy has more to offer…

Sometimes we have to leave our children at home alone and leave for some emergency work. Under such situations, parental control apps like Kidgy can come handy. The app also has GPS control which send the location of your children and alerts you if they cross certain pre-specified boundaries. You can set regional boundaries through the app and make sure that your children remain within limits when you leave them alone. One other benefit of having this app is that you can also restrict the internet usage time and data of your children so that they can be on time for their lunch and dinner and do not waste hours on the internet in school.

Kidgy is one hell of an app and is a must for all the working parent out there who want their children safe.

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