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Keys to get more followers and Instagram views

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You created your Instagram account a long time ago, but your number of followers has stagnated and has not grown for months.

It has all happened to us, but in this article, we are going to give you a short list of simple tricks to get more followers and Instagram views.

Perhaps you are reading this entry because you simply want your Instagram photos to be seen by more people, that is, you only consider having more followers as a small challenge.

However, Instagram is increasingly positioning itself as a powerful marketing and personal branding platform, and trust me, an Instagram account with thousands of followers can become a powerful tool with which to promote yourself, your personal brand or even being able to earn money with your Instagram photos.

Our list of tricks to get more followers and Instagram views

With these 5 tricks, many accounts have come to have more than 1K or 1M followers on Instagram. In case you do not know what K and M means on Instagram, it refers to thousands of followers or millions of followers, respectively. So, come on!


Tagging is undoubtedly one of the best ways to give visibility to your Instagram photos, so we recommend that you include several in each photo.

The operation is similar to that of hashtags on Twitter, so it is key to add tags with words that describe your photo so that other users can easily find them. A tip that we recommend is that you write your labels in English, that is, an image is understood the same in all languages, but users who search for them write the words in their language and, as a general rule, English is the predominant language on Instagram.

Social Networks

When we talk about social networks, we almost always refer to Facebook and Twitter, although if you use some other you can also apply it. Basically, the idea is that you use your profiles on these social networks to promote your Instagram account, for example, one way to do it would be to add your Instagram username in the information section of your Facebook or Twitter profile.

Another way that has quite a good result is to use Facebook groups to find communities of instagramers with which to give feedback, that is, you ask them to follow you and in return you follow them. Using this practice a few times a week, you can build a good handful of followers in no time.

Instagram Buttons

It is one of the latest news from Instagram to promote your profile from web platforms. If you still do not know the buttons or badges of Instagram you can learn how to use them by reading this article «New Instagram buttons to promote your profile on the web«.

They work very similar to the Facebook or Twitter buttons. The buttons actually work as a simple link to your profile, so if you have a blog or website, it is definitely a good method to attract followers to your Instagram profile.

The problem may be that it is not enough for a visitor to your website to click on the button, but then they need to click on the follow button on your profile again.


This practice with such good results in the world of blogs can also be applied to the Instagram platform, and is that one of the best ways to tell Instagram users that you exist, is to comment on the photos of others.

You have to be especially careful with this practice, since if you abuse you can get the opposite effect, so focus on commenting on photos that really transmit to you. Also, for your comments to have more effect, it is better to write them in photos with few or no comments, in order to have more visibility. Many times, we believe that commenting on photos with thousands of comments we will get more visibility and it is not, since no one stops to read the comments of a photo that has hundreds or thousands of them, it would be crazy!

We hope that with these simple tips you have an idea on how to have more followers on Instagram. In addition, they are designed so that anyone can put them into practice, with little time required or advanced knowledge of the application.